Scouting Report Set Plays by Wes Kosel

Scouting Report

Scouting Report Set Plays by Wes Kosel

Below are 15 set plays from a scouting report that I did last season in the SCAC (Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference). This is just a small section of our scouting reports that included team statistics, individual and team tendencies, offensive and defensive overviews, our game plans, and the x’s & o’s. Depending on the opponent (and the complexity of the offense), the amount that we would give our players varied. Often, we would give the players all of the plays on paper to study, but only go over the most used plays on the floor and in our walk-throughs. Some players really enjoyed having this information to read and study, and many others never looked at it. As coaches, we wanted to give the players all of the information so that it was available if they wanted to use it. During my two years at Colorado College, we had a point guard who had a very high basketball IQ and enjoyed reading and studying the plays. He was smart enough to know what was coming from the other team and how we would want to defend it. Having players like this can make coaching the game plan a lot easier. The age of your team (especially the ones playing) will affect how much you can throw at them as far as adjustments, tweaks, etc. The playbook has a ton of different actions including man plays, zone sets, and baseline out-of-bounds plays. If you have any questions about the plays or terminology please contact me at One of my favorite plays used by our opponent in this report was the 1-4 High Post to Wings. The big comes off of a screen from 2 and can rip baseline for a drive on the move.

Click on the pdf link below to download the Scouting Report Set Plays:

15 Scouting Report Set Plays by Wes Kosel

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