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Tips for coaching youth basketball

Stay Organized and Prepared

Extensive practice time is necessary at every level of coaching any game. And when we talk about coaching youth, limited practice time is detrimental to even the best of teaching techniques. Coaching basketball to young players requires a proper organized practice schedule that maximizes the time a coach spends with the whole team. In short, be organized. Before you begin to practice, write down a minute-by-minute plan. Outline what requires the most attention and stick it. But remember; a practice schedule is not written in stone. The purpose is to stay focused and organized. If the team does not meet a deadline, it is fine. Kids learn at a different pace than adults. It is the job of the coach to understand their individual needs and make room for a little deviation from the practice schedule.

Be the first one to arrive so you welcome each player. Begin each practice session with something interesting and engaging. Kids need some level of excitement to get their juices flowing. Remember to explain things in simpler terms but cover all points before you start. Utilize the limited practice time by rotating players and keeping them moving. Give them rest in between but not too much so the game keeps flowing. The key is being efficient with your time and keeping the kids involved all the time.

Keep yourself informed of the latest developments in the basketball world. Take notes in every game; find new drills for your team to practice and plan to get the best out of a learning opportunity. If you are well-informed, you will be able to explain what you want to the players. More details mean better execution of an exercise.

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