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What would you like to add to your basketball coach clipboard today?

I know that are looking for something special today to add to your basketball coach clipboard today.

Could it be one of these great ideas to take your team to the next level?

  • Team Transition Offense
  • Great Offensive Rebounding
  • Winning with Less Talent
  • 7 ( or more) Ways to improve your program
  • Great Shot Selection with your Team

If you said “Yes” to one of those ideas or more then, you are in luck today. We have the 2015 PGC Clinic Notes available for your free download. We try to give back to our basketball coaches daily with free basketball plays, basketball coaching clinic notes, or basketball drills.

TJ Rosene of Emmanuel College will break down Team Transition offense for you today.

Donnie Bostwick of SAGU who has won NAIA championships will help you out with Great Offense Rebounding. Coach Bostwick talks about winning with less talent and how to implement his strategy for it.

David Piehler of Highland Park HS will discuss seven or more ways to improve your basketball program.

How do I get all the free information on my basketball coach clipboard?

  • We have over 6000 pages of free basketball coaching information that you can search for on our website.
  • We daily offer free basketball plays from the best coaches in high school, college, Euroleague, or the NBA.
  • We provide skill development for your basketball team, and it’s free for your download.

basketball coach clipboard

I am sure that you can see the image below of the 2015 PGC Clinic Notes. Right below there is a purple link. Click on that link, and you will be able to download those free clinic notes.

Make sure to come back to our website and check out our free daily drills, tips, clinic notes, and plays.


Click on the pdf link below to download the basketball coach clipboard item: 2015 PGC Clinic Notes

2015 PGC Clinic Notes

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PGC Clinic Notes

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