Youth 2-1-2 Offense by Wes Kosel

Youth 2-1-2 Offense by Wes Kosel

Here is a 2-1-2 offense with 3 options to attack a man-to-man defense. The initial formation begins with a post player inside, two guards up top, and two forwards in the corner. However, this formation should be adjusted to suit your players. When I was coaching at the middle school level, we often put our best player at the inside position regardless of size. This way we were getting our best player the ball in the middle of the floor with options to make plays to score or get other players open looks. If this offense is ran as a continuous offense, the players will end up in different spots on the floor which will put the defense at a disadvantage trying to guard inside with smaller players and outside with post players.

Youth 2-1-2 Offense Option 1: Guard to High Post
In this option, the ball is entered to the high post. The first option is for this player to look to score by shooting an open shot or driving to the basket. If the option to score is not there, the corner players cut to the basket looking to receive a pass from the high post for a lay-up.

Youth 2-1-2 Offense Option 2: Pass to Corner
In this option, the ball is passed to the corner, and the inside player dives to the low block. 2 screens across for 1, and 4 flashes to the high post. The first option is for 3 to pass to 5 at the low post. The second options is to pass to the high post. 4 then has the option to shoot, make the hi/low pass to 5, or pass to 1 stepping in from the wing. If 1 doesn’t have a shot, then he can dribble out or pass to 2 to reset the offense.

Youth 2-1-2 Offense Option 3: Cross
In this option, the ball is passed to the corner, and the two top guards cut off of the inside player and stop at the low blocks. The corner player is looking to make a pass to the guards cutting to the basket. If the pass is not there, 5 moves up to the top of the key to reverse the ball to the opposite wing. 1 cuts across the lane, and 3 cuts off a staggered screen from 4 and 5.
Best of luck, and I hope you enjoy this youth man-to-man offense.

Wes Kosel is an assistant coach for men’s basketball under Head Coach Tommy Jones at Texas Lutheran University in Seguin, TX. 2013-2014 marks the second year for Kosel at TLU. Prior to arriving at TLU, Kosel served as a student assistant coach under Head Coach Chad Killscrow at Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, KS. Kosel has an undergraduate degree in Exercise Science from the University of Kansas, and is pursuing a Master’s degree in Physical Education from the University of Houston. The Bartlesville, OK native is also a NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), and teaches weight training and aerobic fitness courses at Texas Lutheran. He has coached AAU programs, volunteered with elementary and middle school basketball teams, and has worked basketball camps for various programs including the Houston Rockets, University of Houston, Texas State, and Texas A&M Corpus Christi

Youth 2-1-2 Offense

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Youth 2-1-2 Offense by Wes Kosel

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