Wheel Flex Offense by Jesse Faeth

Without a shot clock here in Ohio, some teams like to work the clock for the best scoring opportunity. This is a great continuity offense based on the Flex Offense, which provides coaches quick scoring opportunities or the ability to work the ball around and designate which shots you want and from where. Starting this offense out of a 3-out/2-in setup allows the opportunity for coaches to run their transition, secondary, or other set plays directly into this continuity.  Against teams that really pressure the ball and deny passes, moving the wings around by having 4/5 set downscreens, crossing guards underneath, or whatever coach’s desire allows for multiple entry options.

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Your best post-up player should be the 5 man, as this position keeps him receiving the baseline flex screen to getting scoring chances at the basket. He/she should be smart enough not to just run back and forth on the baseline, but rather know how to setup cuts and seal his/her defender. All of the other positions are interchangeable, so the players should be comfortable starting at any position. The constant motion makes it difficult for defenders to constantly be in helpside, and often leads to chasing cuts. Our teams have been most successful with this offense after reversing it a few times. We never wanted to pass to the first wheel cutter going through the lane because: a) we wanted to be able to get the 5 man coming across, and b) changing sides of the floor open all of the cuts after the second time through.

Whether you’re experienced with the traditional Flex offense or new to the system, this offense is a great fit for many different types of teams. Those who are stronger and like to slow it down and bruise the other team will like the screening and post seals, just like those quicker teams that rely on speed will like the basket cuts and driving opportunities.

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Wheel Flex Offense by Jesse Faeth

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