match-up zone

The Ultimate Match-Up Zone

The Ultimate Match-Up Zone

match up zone

  • Learn how to create confusion with the multiple defensive system
  • Learn how to dominate all three areas of the court
  • Discover ways to contain or stop a dominant player
  • Learn multiple full- and half-court trapping options
  • Discover ways to use zone pressure to increase scoring opportunities

The Ultimate Match-Up Zone – Basketball — Championship Productions, Inc.

with Rollie Massimino, Head Coach at Northwood University (FL);
former Villanova University Head Coach; 1985 National Championship Coach; over 515 career wins,
distinguished member of the National Collegiate Hall of Fame (2013)

Rollie Massimino has deployed his match-up zone

Discover how to apply full-court defensive pressure with multiple looks. In this on-court clinic presentation, Rollie Massimino presents his multiple defensive system including his match-up zone and how it can morph from a trapping zone into a 2-3 zone and, finally, into man-to-man. This defensive system is designed to restrict your opponent’s pattern or flow on offense, allowing you to control where the ball goes and who has it.

Areas of the Court
Coach Massimino starts with the foundation of the defense. He divides the court into three different sections (green, yellow and red) and shows you what you can and cannot do in each. Expanding on the man-to-man, full-court pressure base, three traps are demonstrated for “yellow”: Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down and Slant are all shown in a walk-through presentation.

Switching Defenses
Coach Massimino breaks down his multiple defensive system in the quarter-court where it begins with a 1-1-3 zone look. Though this zone may look similar to the 1-3-1 zone, they are completely different. Within this zone look, Massimino teaches you how to continue the aggressive trapping methods that he implements in the full-court as well as how it can morph into a 2-3 zone or how you can play it man-to-man.

This presentation is an absolute must for anyone who wants to learn more about full-court pressure. This defensive system will definitely change the momentum of your game.

Produced at the 2011 Clinic to End All Clinics IV.

67 minutes. 2014.

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