Tom Thibodeau Chicago Bulls Set Plays

Tom Thibodeau Chicago Bulls Set Plays

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July 21, 2016

Tom Thibodeau Chicago Bulls Set Plays by Gibson Pyper

Tom Thibodeau is the new head coach of the Minnesota Timberwolves and his offense could be anything from a Horns focused attack to playing out of Karl Anthony Towns out of the post. One thing is for sure, he will be able to play multiple ways and have different opportunities to get some of his best players the opportunity to score easier.

Tom Thibodeau Chicago Bulls Set Plays

After Time Out – Wing Dive

In the playoffs against the Milwaukee Bucks the Bulls needed a score to Thibodeau called a great pick and roll set on the wing with Pau Gasol and Nikola Mirotic at the 4 & 5. Gasol sets a down screen for the 3 man who then flips it back to the point guard to attack on the wing, after flipping it back the 3 man clears to the opposite slot to give good spacing. When the point guard gets the ball back, this triggers Gasol to step up for a wing ballscreen and then dive to the rim looking to score off the roll. As Gasol is rolling to the rim, Mirotic who is as the opposite block replaces behind him on the wing, pulling his man out of the key. In this set the defender guarding the 4 (Mirotic) has to make a decision if he wants to stay and help on the roll man or if he will go with Mirotic out to the 3 point line.

ATO Wing Dive

Tom Thibodeau Chicago Bulls Set Plays: Loop Blind Pig

Typically run in sideline out of bounds situations for Mike Dunleavy, looking to take advantage of his high motor ability to continue running his man off screens. After passing the ball into the point guard who zipper cuts off the 5 man to catch the inbounds pass, the 3 man cuts off a triple screen to the opposite side looking to score. After 3 clears 5 flashes to the elbow and 2 cuts over top of him to the wing trying to pull his man on to the high side. When 2 clears over top of him the point guard passes to the 5 man at the elbow who then hits 2 backdoor with a blind pig pass.

Loop Blind Pig

Tom Thibodeau Chicago Bulls Set Plays: Elbow Double Rip

I expect Tom Thibodeau to run this set often for Karl Anthony Towns to get a quick score or to get a post touch off a double cross/backscreen. The point guard dribbles off a staggered ballscreen from 4 & 5 just off the elbows and dribbles to the other side. After the point guard goes off the screen from 5, he then cuts off a double cross/back screen from 2 & 3 looking to free up 5 for a quick shot or a post up. Occasionally the 2 or 3 man will come off a down screen after from 4 to look and get a shot.

Elbow Double rip

Tom Thibodeau Chicago Bulls Set Plays: Hammer

This was the most common set run by the Bulls at the end of games when the needed a score. 1 cuts off a down screen from 4 to the top of the key. The 2 man, normally Derrick Rose, will then Iverson cut off screens from 4 & 5 to the wing and receives a pass from the point guard and immediately attacks the basket. As the 2 man attacks toward the baseline, the 4 man sets a hammer screen for the inbounder and typically best shooter to get a 3 point shot off. In addition to this, 5 will occasionally set a throwback screen for the point guard in case the Hammer option is covered.


Tom Thibodeau Chicago Bulls Set Plays: Pick and Roll into Elevator

A set designed for Nikola Mirotic, and could possibly be run for Andrew Wiggins in Minnesota, this is a pretty simple set. The 3 man sets a ballscreen for the point guard and rolls to the elbow, the point guard fakes an attack off the ballscreen. After the 3 man sprints through elevator doors on the wing for a shot.

PNR Eelvator

Tom Thibodeau Chicago Bulls Set Plays: Quick Rip Screen the Screener

In transition this is the basic action the Chicago Bulls ran if the drag or double drag screens were not there. The players can run a normal fast break with a rim runner and a big trailing, with the two guard sprinting up the wing to the corners or the wings. Off of this, the point guard dribbles down one side of the court and reverses the ball dribbling off a drag screen to the opposite side. As the point guard switches sides, the 2 man comes off a double screen from 4 & 3 to the other wing looking for a shot. 3 then continues and sets a cross screen for the 4 man to look to get a score or a post touch. The 3 man comes off a down screen from 5, and then it flows into a ballscreen and is a good way to flow into your offense without an opportunity for a playcall.

Quick Rip STS

Click on the pdf link to download the Tom Thibodeau Chicago Bulls Set Plays:

Tom Thibodeau Chicago Bulls Set Plays

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