Tom Izzo: Winning Dead Ball Situations

Written by Coach Peterman

I have coached at the NCAA Division 2 (Southwestern Oklahoma State University), NAIA (USAO), and JUCO Levels (Blinn College and Carl Albert State College) as well as high school. I just felt that fellow coaches especially young coaches need to constantly work on their “game”. Just like the basketball players that we coach. We as coaches need to improve ourselves. That is my story and why I do this blog.

December 8, 2010

Tom Izzo: Winning Dead Ball Situations

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Tom Izzo: Winning Dead Ball Situations – Basketball — Championship Productions, Inc.

  • Use dead ball situations to attack the basket
  • Win more close games by being purposeful in dead ball situations
  • Take advantage of jump balls, missed free throws, out-of-bounds plays and intense defensive pressure


Tom Izzo: Winning Dead Ball Situations

with Tom Izzo,Michigan State Head Basketball Coach;
2000 NCAA National Champions, 3X National Coach of the Year

Learn special situations plays and strategies to help your team add 4-5 points a game-and win more close games!

Tom Izzo shares his coaching philosophy on special situations – or what he calls “special teams situations.” Any dead ball situation is considered a special teams opportunity and his goal is to be aggressive and pick up 4-5 points a game in special teams play.

Use these plays and strategies to go after an opposing player who is in foul trouble, generate fouls against your opponent’s best player and to get the shots you need late in the game.

Special teams involves:

* Jump balls – See three plays to help you score on the first possession of the game.
* Missed offensive free throws – Get the ball back after a missed free throw.
* Baseline out-of-bounds – Five plays to attack from the baseline.
* Sideline out-of-bounds – Four plays with multiple options.
* Plays after time outs – Five set plays to neutralize heavy defensive pressure.

Izzo stresses three main goals when it comes to special teams play: Score points, have a specific purpose and have two options (inside and outside).

Izzo has used these effective plays and strategies to change his team from an NIT team to an NCAA tournament team and again from an NCAA qualifier to a team that makes a deep run in the tournament on annual basis.

Now you can use these same ideas to improve and advance your team this season.

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