Michigan State Offense | Tom Izzo Clinic Notes

Michigan State Offense | Tom Izzo Clinic Notes

In the end of the post there is a link with a set of notes on the Michigan State Offense. It contains some Mitchigan State Half Court Sets as well as some Out Of Bounds Sets implemented by coach Izzo and his team. The plays have been diagramed and they are ready to be used. All you have to do is click on the link below to download the notes, navigate them thoroughly and choose the ones that fit your team and your needs. Personalizing the plays you get and adapting them to your team potential and charactiristics is the actual path to success. That’s the material that makes real coaches succeed.

Tom Izzo has always been a great coach, but especially this year he has gone against all odds with Michigan State. Click the link below, download the plays and I’m sure you will enjoy this exceptional set of notes.

Coach Peterman
Tom Izzo MichiganState offense.pdf

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