The Basketball Coaching Library “ribbon-cutting” is finally here!

This is something we have been working towards for a looooong time.

In fact, this project started 3 years ago.  

Our first version had some good points and some that were a little clunky. Even though plenty of coaches saw it for the great resource it was, we knew it lacked a little something.

No more.

Today, we are proud to pull the curtains back on the vastly improved “Library of Basketball Coaching”!

Because the subject matter deals with sports, we were going to call it something like “The War Room” and roll along lots of sports/battle verbiage, but decided against it. “E-Learning” sounds a little tame, so we met in the middle with “Library of Basketball Coaching”.

We have one primary mission. To become the ultimate source of information and instruction for Basketball coaches around the world.

Frankly, we’re off to a pretty great start!

Let’s take a look at what’s been added:

First of all, from the main menu, you’ll notice that the name has been changed to Basketball Coaching Library from the old “E-Learning” name. This is more than a name change.  We went “all in” on the library theme, as you’ll see. For example:

On the introductory page, you’ll find four shelves:

  • Shelf 1 contains our two most current playbooks for you.
  • Shelf 2 contains a huge collection of Clinic Notes, arranged alphabetically by the coach’s name.
  • Shelf 3 is all about Video, with products from some of the best coaches in the game (more on that in a minute).
  • Shelf 4 is what separates an actual ‘library’ from the true interactive resource you now have access to.  Here you’ll find the ability to make requests, ask questions and join in discussions with other coaches from all over the world!

Here are more details…

Like any library, you can view and download our two latest playbooks, read and download notes from your favorite coaches or a coach whose approach or system inspires you to learn more.

Each month, two new playbooks will be “unlocked” from our talented author-coaches for you to access.

As you know, every library these days has a “Multi-Media” section.  This is no different. In this section, we have a huge collection of videos and audios and  are adding to this nearly every day. It’s here you’ll find the “Master Class of Basketball Instruction” a giant collection from L.A. Clippers Director of Player Development, Dave Severns.

Believe me, there is a LOT more on the way!

What is the “Requests/Questions/Trading Notes” section for?  Well, just that!

If there is a play or drill you need to have, this is where you can ask for information and someone from the Community will be able to reply to your request.

No one there for a quick answer? Which may happen on occasion…  

In that case, “Head Librarian” Coach Scott Peterman himself will step in and take care of your request personally.

On that note, did you know we have coaches in our ranks from every state in the US and countries as far away as Vietnam, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.  

This is an addition to the pros and amateurs from the US and every country in Europe. All of them rely upon our playbooks to design their practices and game plans.

Keep in mind, the biggest part of our site is still free, and accessible through our blog. However, in the “Basketball Coaching Library” is where you’ll find original material that will help you boost your coaching knowledge and skills.

“This is now the quickest route to success.” says one of your fellow coaches, who is already a member.

Let’s wrap up…

Most of you know, that unless we are running a special, our regular playbooks go for anywhere from $14.95 to $17.95 each.

But with a “Basketball Coaching Library” membership you get these two new monthly playbooks for just $59/year!

That’s 24 playbooks (2 per month).  

Let’s look at the math here….

If you picked up just one playbook per month – again, even at the lower price – you would have spent $179.40 over the course of a year.

We want you to get TWICE as many playbooks PLUS the videos, PLUS the notes, PLUS the community access for just $59.00.

That’s a savings of a savings of over 66%!

This is also known as No Brainer Pricing.  Wouldn’t you agree?

If we tried to list out every item in the library, you can imagine how long this announcement would be.  

Our collection is second to none!

WE look forward to you making the “Basketball Coaching Library” the premier resource in the world for basketball coaching instruction.

It’s all we do…and we do it well!

See you on the inside and courtside.

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