Team Captains Personal Statement

Team Captains Personal Statement

I thought some of your readers might find this helpful for next year.

I landed my first high school varsity head coach position this past season.

The first couple of practices were pretty rough as there was a sense of entitlement from some of the players who expected to be team captains via a vote by their teammates. That was how it was always done.

In the 3rd practice of the year, I told them that I would be selecting the team captains. And in order to be eligible to be a captain, anyone who wanted to be a captain was required to complete the attached form and hand it back to me before the next practice. Well, this certainly got their attention.

I selected the two team captains and read their Personal Statements aloud to the team. I felt like this process changed the tenor of the entire season. It set expectations that things would not be done as they always had in the past, and it served as a public commitment by the captains to the rest of the team.

This document will get the attention of your team when you take over.  The Team Captains Personal Statement is a great way to establish who is in control of the team.

Anyway, just thought your readers might be able to use this.

Thanks for keeping the site up to date and current.

-George Seff

Coach Seff is a head high school coach in Arlington VA. He has also served as an assistant JUCO and high school coach.

Click on the pdf link to download the Team Captains Personal Statement:

Team Captains Personal Statement

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