Sumo Box Out Drill

[By eBasketballCoach.com]


Players work on getting low and wide and creating rebounding space with their bodies.


Player 1 and Player 2 stand, back to back, in the center of the court. The tip-off circle is the “ring” for this drill.

sumo box out drill setup

1.Coach blows the whistle.

2.Player 1 and Player 2 drop down into box out stance. They use their rear ends to attempt to push the other player outside of the ring.

3.The drill continues until one player has been pushed out.

Coaching Tips:

  • To box out, players should get low and wide, similar to a defensive stance.
  • Players should keep their arms up and out. They should not use them to hook around the other player.
  • Players should use their legs to dig in and push the other player out. The player who gets the lowest usually wins.

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