Steph Curry Driveway Ball-Handling by Chris Filios

Steph Curry Driveway Ball-Handling

Want to have handles like Steph Curry? You need to put in a lot of time and practice, but this ball-handling routine is a good start.  Here is the Steph Curry Driveway Ball-Handling that you can do. This is a great set of ball handling drills for your everyday practic. 

This is Steph Curry’s pregame ball-handling routine. He spends about ~10 seconds each exercise. So the whole routine takes less than 3 minutes! This is just daily rep work to get warmed up and keep his handle tight. 

Start with 2 basketballs… 

  • 2 Ball Low Pound 
  • 2 Ball Alt Pound 
  • 2 Ball 1 Bounce + Crossover (crossover both balls) 
  • 2 Ball 1 Bounce + Between Legs 

○ One ball crosses, the other goes between legs 

○ Switch direction each time- same ball is always going between legs 

  • 2 Ball Windshield Wipers (Front V- Same Direction) 
  • 2 Ball W (Front V- Inside the Out) 
  • 2 Ball Side V (Front-back) 
  • 2 Ball Side Alternating V (One ball going front and one back) 
  • 2 Ball Pound + Around Leg (one hand pound dribble, other wrap around leg w/1 bounce) 
  • 2 Ball Pound + Around Leg + Cross (behind back and front- switch hands) + Cross 

Move to 1 Ball + Coach/Partner (or wall)… 

  • Cross + Between Legs + Behind Back + 1 Handed Pass to Coach —> Coach passes back to opposite hand 
  • *Same as above but 2x…Cross-Cross + Between Legs-Between Legs (Front) + Behind Back-Behind Back + Pass 
  • *Same as above but 3x… 
  • *Same as above but 4x… 

Here is a video of his full pregame work and how you can do this Steph Curry Driveway Ball-Handling routine.

This routine is something you can use as a warmup just like Steph. Or it can be used to help develop your handle. 

So do you have 5 minutes to get better? 

Try out the Steph Curry Driveway Ball-Handling routine today!

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