special situations

Stealing Points by Mastering Special Situations

Stealing Points by Mastering Special Situations

special situations

  • Learn how to prepare for and succeed in late-game special situations
  • Teach your team how to effectively foul in end-of-game situations
  • Learn how to intentionally miss a free throw – and get the rebound — to gain an extra possession or a necessary score
  • Learn a baseline out-of-bounds series that works against man or zone, so you’re ready for whatever the defense throws at you

Stealing Points by Mastering Special Situations – Basketball — Championship Productions, Inc.

with Phil Martelli, St. Joe’s University Head Coach;
2004 AP National Coach of the Year, 5x A-10 Champions; 4x A-10 Coach of the Year; 2005 USA Basketball Under 21 World Championship Team Head Coach

Making stuff up on the sideline in pressure situations is a sure fire way to fail, but preparing for the special situations that arise in a game will enable you to succeed in cruch time.

This on-court demonstration is jam-packed with tips and tools to win games when only seconds are left on the clock. Phil Martelli is a master at analyzing what his teams must do to clinch a win in the final seconds of the game. In this terrific on-court demonstration, Coach Martelli addresses multiple situations where your team might be able to steal a game-winning basket by being prepared for those all-important special situations that arise in tight games.

Coach Martelli covers the most common late-game, special situations, including:

fouling at the end of a game
intentionally missing a free throw
rebounding an intentionally missed free throw when you’re down 2 points
rebounding an intentionally missed free throw when you’re down 3 points
full-court plays when you are down by 2, 3, or 4 with only 6 seconds left
communicating with teammates to save the ball out-of-bounds
tweaking your full-court press to get a 5-second call on your opponent inbounding the ball late in the game
creating side out-of-bounds plays that flow directly into your offensive system in the half-court
playing successfully underneath your own basket at the end of a game with various position options

So often games come down to just one or two possessions, and having an effective attack for those moments is critical to stealing the game. The ability to execute in these special situations can be the difference between a winning season and a losing one.

57 minutes. 2014.

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