Spread-and-Go-Motion-Offense– New Drills by Kyle Pertuset

Spread-and-Go-Motion-Offense – New Drills by Kyle Pertuset


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Hello fellow coaches, and current Spread-and-Go-Motion-Offense Coaches, I hope your pre-season preparation and installment of the offense,  or even for you college coaches that your early season contests have been a success thus far, remember STAY PATIENT as with everything in life, it is most certainly a journey rather than a destination, and a incessant process.  As you approach the season, one thing I always try to keep in mind is that my players and your players as well are in-fact human, which when combined with a steady constant routine of the same drills, challenges, and concepts in practice can result in a decrease of focus, effort, and even skill or basketball IQ development.  This fact holds true, even in offensive breakdown drills.  T

These are 2 new Spread-and-Go-Motion-Offense Drills, I have added this season with multiple options for variation which you can add to your drill library to improve your players understanding and justification for running the Spread-and-Go-Motion-Offense, or even if you are strictly and old fashioned open post or motion coach/team.  An entire library of drills featuring the development and installment of all layers of the Spread-and-Go-Motion-Offense are of course available in the playbook section for purchase.


In Drill 1, Pass-Cut-Replace-Drive you will see multiple rules and aspects of the offense being drilled, while at the same time providing opportunities for offensive skill development within the Spread-and-Go-Motion-Offense or just about any offense as it contains simple “smart basketball” reactions to various stimuli that can take place in a half court setting.  I like idea of adding myself or an assistant to this drill as it maximizes repetitions and keeps players who aren’t getting the ball from dogging it because maybe they “don’t see the point.”  This also gets you active and involved with your players and can provide you with even more insight into the dynamic of your offense, mechanics within how your offense is ran by all of your players, and any small errors you may want to adjust such as how your players catch the ball, how your players finish after the catch, and different variations and ways to finish around the rim such as but not limited to “alternative finishes.”

In Drill 2, Pass-Cut-Replace-GoLine you will see once again multiple rules and aspects of the offense being drilled and acted upon, hopefully by now more instinctive rather than anticipative.  As I have stated previously, anytime I can add myself or an assistant to the drill to increase effort and repetition I like to covet that opportunity, and this drill is certainly no different in that regard.  In my opinion, with my experiences within the offense thus far since the original ideas, concepts, and time I spent at the “drawling board” so to speak, the “GoLine” is one of the more difficult things to drill, as players have a bad habit of wanting to just anticipate and perform the drill, rather than the “flow” that makes your offense, especially the Spread and Go click, this is yet another opportunity besides the standard “GoLine” drill that allows your players to learn to react to the defender rather than just “running the drill.”  Remember, this offense is better executed by way of “marriage” rather than on occasion which means to maximize the positive effects you must drill often to increase productivity and player execution or understanding.   Once again, I wish you all well and I hope these drills are a tool you can add to your practice library or your Spread-and-Go-Motion-Offense Drill Book that I hope most of you already own.  Have a great season!

Click on the pdf link to download the Spread-and-Go-Motion-Offense– New Drills:

Spread-and-Go-Motion-Offense– New Drills by Kyle Pertuset

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The Spread and Go Motion Offense Drill Book
By: Kyle Pertuset

spread and go offense drill book

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Coach Pertuset has developed and now brings you the tools to develop your players with essential knowledge and skills to master the Spread and Go Motion Offense as well developing or fine tuning skills which will make your players more potent within the offense. The Spread and Go Motion Offense Drill Book, breaks down all layers and elements of the Spread and Go Motion offense into easy to run and effective drills that not only develop basketball IQ and memory necessary to be able to run the Spread and Go system but also opportunities to utilize skill development in situations relative to the offense. Drills with such layers as “The Pass Fake”, “The Bump”, “J-Cutting”, “Ball Screens”, “Dribble Hand-Offs”, and more from everything you seen in the Spread and Go Motion playbook. Coach Pertuset explains each drill in great detail and even recommends rotation patterns and ways to included coaches and/or managers to maximize skill development repetition. These drills can easily be worked into any practice and especially individual workout sessions based on your rules, for example in Ohio up to 4 players are allowed to reason instruction from any member of a coaching staff.

Also featured within the Spread and Go Motion Offense Drill Book is a NEW BONUS layer of the Spread and Go Motion offense called the “Chin Tap.” The “Chin Tap” allows a player the chance to identify mis-matches and send a player to the post area in order to gain a high percentage shot or scoring opportunity. This also allows coaches to teach and develop basketball IQ, or simply have a call to initiate a post-entry. The “Chin Tap” easily flows into all other elements and layers of the Spread and Go Motion Offense, as you continue to fine tune and get all the wheels moving in your installation of this system.

Also this playbook:

The Spread and Go Motion Offense by Kyle Pertuset

spread and go motion offense


Click on the link above to purchase the Spread and Go Motion Offense for $15.00


My name is Kyle Pertuset, and I am creator of the Spread and Go Motion Offense, many of the ideas that came to me when I began to diagram these concepts are a credit to the great coaches I have had the privilege to work under. Throughout the beginning of my coaching career, I have always been an offensive junkie, studying plays, studying different offense, trying to adjust and work new continuities into my teams to make us better on offense. I feel in some capacities I have been guilty at times of “over coaching” on the offensive end with multiple continuities installed, not to mention a small army of set plays that continues to expand has I see something I like offensively on a daily basis. The concept of the Spread and Go Motion Offense came to me this Spring while taking in some AAU basketball, as we all know, practice time and chemistry are often issues which haunt talented AAU teams who are filled with players who quite frankly do not know how to play with one another, or struggle to find another role as a part of the team. As result of this, many AAU coaches are placed with the burden of coming up with some form of structure that is fast, easy, and allows players to develop and showcase his or her skills. The Spread and Go allows you to utilize multiple features of several different continuity offenses into one powerful offensive system. Whether you are an old fashioned Open Post guy, a Dribble Drive Motion guru, ball screen fanatic, or fan of the swing or flex, you will find something you like in the Spread and Go Motion Offense. The Spread and Go is also a great weapon to have in your arsenal as a change-up for those times you decide to play 5 guards or “go small” so to speak. The Spread and Go is so easy to pick up and install, that you do not have to make this your feature offense or “marry” this offense. This offense can be maintained and built upon with simply dedicating a small amount of practice time per week reviewing upon, and building on the principles. For example, if you spend about one hour a week on this offense, by tournament time you could have yourself a pretty nice change-up offense, for perhaps a tournament draw featuring a team who is going to try to expose you athletically be switching all screens, or applying constant pressure. On the contrary, I also believe that this offense can effectively be a team’s base offense and provide numerous challenges for opposing defenses if tailored to your team’s overall strengths and weaknesses, as well as being drilled on consistently in practice. Thank you for taking the time to look at my offense, I know I am not re-inventing the wheel here, nor do I claim to be, I would just like to share my offensive concepts with others who may be interested in alternative offensive concepts, or simply a start-up coach like myself who is a offensive fanatic who cannot get enough X’s and O’s! Best wishes to you and yours!
-Kyle Pertuset

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