Special Offer: The Encyclopedia of Defenses, vol. 3

Are you looking for a good set of defenses? Do you believe that a good team is structured around a good defense? Do you agree that defense makes champions? Looking for a good defense to rely on during next year? Looking for the best source of basketball defenses available online? In the “Encyclopedia of Defenses” series our team collected notes from the best coaching clinics that were devoted to basketball defenses. We have compiled these in this huge collection we now offer as “The Encyclopedia of Defenses”. This is the best source of information on basketball defenses you will find online. It’s also the best means to fill in your personal playbook with top-notch basketball coaching information.

Every volume contained over 2,500 pages with notes from a huge number of clinics where the best basketball coaches all over the world presented their defensive philosophies and their ideas on how a team should defend against all kinds of offenses. Volume 3 of the Encyclopedia of Defenses is devoted to half court defenses, full court defenses and zone defenses. It contains notes from presentations conducted by coaches Calipari, Chaney, Van Gundy, Izzo and many more…

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For the next 24 hours the Encyclopedia of Defenses, vol. 3 is offered for just $8.99.

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