SLOB Zipper

SLOB Zipper Plays by Wes Kosel

SLOB Zipper Plays by Wes Kosel

Tons of coaching are using zipper actions in their offense, including sideline out-of-bounds plays. The set usually starts in a box set or a “pro set” (box set with a guy in the corner instead of the block). The zipper action is a great way to get the ball in to the guard, but can also serve as a decoy to get the ball directly into the high post. By running the zipper action into a ball screen, handoff, or other action, the defender is forced to guard consecutive actions. The SLOB Zipper plays playbook features five plays from NCAA, NBA, and International.

Sideline Out of Bounds Zipper Plays

Oregon Ducks – SLOB Zipper Flare

1 cuts off of a zipper screen as 4 uses a flare screen from 2. 1 passes to 4 for a shot.

SLOB Zipper

Mexico – SLOB Zipper Follow PNR

2 cuts off of a zipper screen from 5 then uses a ball screen from 5 in the slot. The middle of the floor is open for 5 to roll into the lane. 1 moves to the corner for a shot if x1 helps to defend the ball screen.

SLOB Zipper

Golden State Warriors – SLOB Zipper Hand-Off

The Warriors run a zipper screen then have the inbounder get a handoff in the slot. 1 then uses a ball screen from 5.

SLOB Zipper

Croatia – SLOB Zipper High Repeat 

3 uses a zipper screen from 4 then gets a high ball screen from 5. If nothing is there, 3 uses the ball screen in the opposite direction as 5 rolls to the rim.

SLOB Zipper

LSU Tigers – SLOB Zipper Post Iso

LSU used this play for Ben Simmons to get him the ball in the post. 1 cuts off of a zipper screen and if Simmons’ defender helps it leaves him open in the post. The ball can be thrown right in or to the wing first.

SLOB Zipper

Click on the pdf link below to download the Sideline Out of Bounds Zipper Plays Playbook:

SLOB Zipper Plays Playbook by Wes Kosel

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