Basketball Offenses Encyclopedia

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Basketball Offenses Encyclopedia — A Must-Have For Every Professional Coach

Simply put, a complete collection of the best basketball offenses. Plays and drills and notes on the best basketball offenses ever implemented by the best professionals. 4 Modules, over 3,000 pages.

Basketball Offenses

4 Modules — Coaches, Practice Notes, Offenses, Clinics

Module 1 contains notes from the best basketball coaches presenting their offensive philosophy, their plays and their drills. No need to mention them. Just think of an American coach you need to know and you’ll find his offensive plays there. 123 basketball coaches, 253 notes from the, over 2,500 pages!

Module 2 contains 4 huge/great/exceptional sets of Practice Notes. Two from NBA teams (N.J Nets and Utah Jazz) one from the Vaderbilt University and one from the French national team!

Module 3 contains 17 files with information on how to implement the main basketball offenses, their basic principles and everything you need to know to introduce them to your personal playbook: Zone Offenses, the Dribble Drive Motion, Transition flex, Princeton Offense and a lot more…

Last but not least, Module 4 contains notes from the best clinics devoted on basketball offenses. Just think the best basketball coaching clinics that you didn’t manage to attend! If they were focused on basketball offenses, then you’ll find them in the Encyclopedia of Offenses.

All these divided in different files that you can easily browse and download. Module 1 is ordered alphabetically, so that you can easily find the coach you are looking for.

For limited time –the next 72 hours– this is available for only $19.95. After that, it will raise back to its original price. So, Hurry Up! Act Now and be sure to fill your personal playbook with top-quality basketball coaching information.

PS. If you haven’t already created your own personal playbook, then please do this immediately. Put there your favorite plays, the ones you have tried with your team, those that worked well and those that didn’t. Look for further information on them. Browse every file of the Encyclopedia of Basketball Offenses, get drills that will help you implement your plays to your team, and different versions of the plays you are already implementing. Always enrich these with new information, new plays, new drills and new versions. That’s the way the best basketball coaches work. And that’s the way that will get you to the top.


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