2013 Champion Classic Basketball Playbook



2013 Champion Classic Basketball Playbook

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The 2013 Champions Classic premieres some of the top NCAA programs in the nation. This year’s event featured great match-ups including Duke vs. Kansas and Michigan State vs. Kentucky. All of these programs and coaches have had great success over the years. They are successful because the coaches are great recruiters, they evolve as coaches and are continually making changes to improve the programs, they develop players and they are great X and O coaches.

Each of the 4 teams differs in their approach to offensive production. However, they all emphasize the importance of spacing, drive and kick principles, ball screen actions, a balanced perimeter and post game and early offense. Each of the coaches utilizes different approaches to include these offensive concepts into their basketball playbook.


In this playbook, you find a breakdown of the offensive plays used in these 2 games. Included are

1 early offensive play

51 man sets

1 sideline out of bounds

9 baseline out of bounds


Here are just the 51 Man Set Plays in this Basketball Playbook. Just click on the image to see it in larger view.

Page 004 Page 005 Page 006


That is a total of 62 plays used in 2 games. We think you will learn from this playbook as much as we did making it.

Here is an example of a Mike Krzyzewski Duke University Man Set Play. Just click on the image to view it a lot larger.

Page 033

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