2012 Olympic Basketball Playbook by David Preheim



Some of the best X and O coaches in the world are from the International level. These coaches have an uncanny ability to come up with creative offensive sets and quick hitters to get their players high percentage shots. In the 2012 Olympic Basketball Playbook, you will get tons of offensive ideas that were used in the 2012 Olympics. Everything from ball screen sets to 3 point quick hitters can be found in this playbook. It will truly give you a more diverse playbook.

Here’s the Bottom line…..

Learn the World’s Best Set Plays to score

Look at the 65 Set Plays that were run in the Olympics

Walk through the best 8 out of bounds plays that were eye-opening

Learn from the United States, Russia, China, Australia, and many more teams….

STOP and realize that you have never had access to a Olympic Locker Room before or their Playbook anywhere in history……

You are ready for Success on the basketball court, Aren’t you?


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See your team mastering just 5 different ways to score everytime!

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