Secondary Transition Break by Mark Chapman

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November 28, 2014

Secondary Transition Break by Mark Chapman

As the beginning of basketball season rolls around and coaches are developing their team’s transition there are times when a defense is able to retreat and many teams go right into a set or continuity. This post will show some of the options that I’ve picked up over the years to create advantages against an opponent at different stages of their transition defense. The fast pace, beat ‘em up the floor philosophy is usually only good for a few teams and coaches that are able to drill it into their player’s heads on a daily basis. As some get tired or the opponent scores, the transition tends to slow down.

First thing to evaluate is how you run your primary break. It doesn’t do any good to run a secondary transition break that you have to move players into a different position from your primary break. We run a four out one in transition where the “one in” post player is a rim runner. From this setup there are a lot of options possible if not you’re able to get down the floor for a primary break. Start out early in the season telling your players what to do in transition and then allow them to see it as they better understand what you’re looking for.

1) Advance the ball up to the 1 man, 5 man posts up on ball side block, and PG is lane line extended at the top of the 3pt line. If no quick drive or post feed is available have the post player set a back screen for the PG cutting to the basket.

2) Ball gets passed up to the 2 man on the right side, ball gets reversed to the PG who is lane line extended, then swung to the 4 man who is on the other lane line extended and then to the 3 man who is on the wing. Have the 1 & 4 man double screen away for the 2 who should have a shot at the top of the key.

3) Ball gets passed up to the 2 man on the right side, no post feed so reverse like the previous secondary break to the 3 man. The 4 man and 5 man curl to the top for a double screen on the PG who cuts over top to the block. (3 man may also have a drive option when the post go to screen).

These are just a couple secondary transition break options out of a 4 out 1 in transition look. They can be adapted to any type of primary break. Rep them with your team in a structured way and then allow them the freedom to call out different options.

Mark Chapman is the Head Boy’s Basketball Coach at Hamilton Township High School in Columbus, Ohio. Coach Mark Chapman always has great basketball plays and basketball coaching clinic notes to share with the basketball coaching world. Coach Mark Chapman is one of our hardest basketball contributors on Men’s Basketball Hoop Scoop. I think that you will love the different types of basketball material that he will present us with on this basketball forum. Make sure that you check out his posts here!

Secondary Transition Break

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Secondary Transition Break by Mark Chapman

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