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One More Camp – Santa Clara

This past week I travelled to San Jose, CA to work the Santa Clara University basketball camp.  I had an awesome time while meeting new coaching friends and getting to coach my favorite group of kids I had all summer.  It was a high school age camp so I really got to coach at a higher level than most camps.  I used this camp to experiment with different defensive schemes, sets, and concepts I think up throughout the year.  One of them worked so well it seriously sent chills up my spine because I know how dangerous the concept is going to be in the future.  All the kids on the other team came up to me after the game and kept asking, how we did that.

Being an overnight camp you really get a chance to develop a better relationship with your players and become a true team.  As time went on a leader surfaced on our team and I called on him to SCHAPE the rest of the team (S-Spirit C-Communication H-Hustle A-Approach P-Precision E-Enhancement).  It’s really amazing the impact you can have with kids you’ve never met before and the impact they can have on you.  The entire reason I decided to work Santa Clara camp is the impact their asst. coach, Dustin Kerns, had on me when we spoke at the Rising Coaches Conference 1 year ago.  He and I seem to view the game similarly and helping his program out for a week was a no brainer for me.  I also want to thank Jesse Pruitt, another SCU asst., for runnin’ the show at camp.  He had some different camp games that I will definitely use one day.  One of which was having each league pick a representative coach to hold the plank position for the longest time.  I lasted 4 minutes in the plank position, but lost…Still feeling it today.  If you want to know how to get a 16-pack in under 5 mins. I think I could make an infomercial about that for sure.

Before the camp started I flew in a day early to check out San Francisco.  I rented a car for the day, drove up and really liked it.  It’s pretty clean, the temp. is perfect, and the Golden Gate Bridge is huge, which actually brings me to my next point.  The Golden Gate Bridge is SILVER!  I don’t know if I’m an idiot or what but I drove across it and it’s not gold or even remotely that tint at all.  I guess it doesn’t really matter as long as it does it’s job, but wow.

I think the best part of my trip were making the initial relationships with fellow up-and-coming coaches and how I’ve been told that those relationships usually come full circle.  Staying in contact with those guys is going to be neat as we all are walking in the same direction into an invisible future that lies ahead.  Thanks to all the SCU staff, players, and everyone else for making this week a ton of fun.
T.J. Saint

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