San Antonio Spurs Post Double by Chris Filios

spurs post double

Spurs Post-Double: The Spurs Way 

In a FIBA clinic, Warriors assistant coach Mike Brown discussed his time with the San Antonio Spurs and the various ways they went about doubling the post up. The way they defended varied from game to game as their scheme came down to the opposing team’s personnel. The Spurs defenders needed to be dialed in on a nightly basis. The Spurs post double could come from different players and different areas of the floor depending on the offense, and thus, impacting the rotations of the help defenders. Here are the various ways that Mike Brown shared: 

1. Open to Dig Blitz– used against a good scoring back to the basket big who is a threat on the backdown or inside the paint. 

2. Blue– used against a good scoring post that can be a threat off the block with the shot as well as the backdown. 

3. Big Blue– often used against a smaller player when the other team has 2 traditional bigs. 

4. Live Cutter– used against a less experienced big who could be in a position to turn the ball over. 

5. Assign– used against a team that has a good scoring big and a perimeter player that cannot shoot 

6. Payton– used against a big guard that can’t shoot out but will post (Gary Payton). 

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While the Spurs post double in the NBA isn’t as prevalent as at other levels of basketball (college, FIBA, high school, etc), it is still important to have the scheme to defend great players- regardless if they are a guard or a big. These schemes translate and can help any basketball team make it harder for their opponents to score the ball in the low post.

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