Rodney Terry Fresno State Stack High PNR

Rodney Terry

Rodney Terry Fresno State High Stack PNR Stagger by Wes Kosel

He is a pick and roll set play (or handoff roll) from Fresno State Bulldogs Head Coach Rodney Terry. Terry has been the head coach at Fresno State now for five seasons, winning 85 games in that time. In first two seasons, he led the Bulldogs to 13 and 11 wins, but in 2015-2016 he won 25 games and made the NCAA Tournament. Terry played at St. Edward’s in Austin, Texas. He then coached there as an assistant coach for a season, then moved to the high school level and was an assistant coach at Bowie High School. He then became a head coach in 1993 at Somerville High School and then moved to his hometown, Angleton, and was the head coach there for a season. His high school record was 64-34. In 1996, Terry joined the Baylor staff as an assistant, then moved to UNC Wilmington as an assistant in 1998. He coached at the University of Texas from 2002-2011 as an assistant before taking over at Fresno State.

Rodney Terry Fresno State Set Play

Stack High PNR Stagger

1 dribbles up the right wing and passes to 4 at the top of the key. 3 moves down to the block with 5 to form a stack in the low post. 2 also moves down to block and can look to post up. Once 4 has it, 2 loops around a staggered screen from 3 and 5 and into a dribble handoff from 4. The play can also be a ball screen follow if 4 passes to 2 first. Once 2 has it, he dribbles right as 3 uses the staggered screen from 5 and 4. 3 looks to get a shot on the wing off of the staggered screen. If the defenders help, 4 or 5 can slip for a layup.

Rodney Terry

Click on the pdf link below to download the Fresno State Stack High PNR Stagger:
Rodney Terry – Fresno State Set Play

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