Rhythm Offense Combined With 5 Out Motion Pass and Cut by Ryan Smith

Rhythm Offense Combined With 5 Out Motion Pass and Cut by Ryan Smith


The following diagrams combine the Rhythm Offense “Count Method” concepts with a basic 5 Out Pass and Cut offense.


Before Installing Dribble Drive Motion as your “offense”

The time table of introducing the 5 Out motion offense to your team is something that is very important to think about. Coaches need to sit down and look over how much practice time they have before their first game. Coaches need to create a preseason plan that allows plenty of time to teach players how to “play” without the players worrying about specific “system” actions. Players need to know how to make decisions for themselves within the structure of spacing, basic actions, and the “Count Method”. I would start the first practice or team meeting explaining the “Why” of the “Count Method”. This will give coaches the opportunity to show the benefits of playing within the “Count Method” on “Count Situation” catches. As a varsity or higher level head coach, I would take the time to meet with each player to discuss the “Number System” with them. Since winning is a big part of higher levels, players need to know their role and how they best fit within the overall team dynamic. It’s important at this time to talk honestly with players and encourage them their role can change throughout the preseason and season based on their improvement level.  Players also need to have a general idea about what type of shots the coach expects them to take, tempo to play at, which players should take a majority of the shots, etc. I would take the time to have these team and individual meetings regardless of the system I was installing on offense.


5 Out Motion


Before putting in the “system” actions, I would want my players to be able to “play” in these areas:

  • Transition
  • Closeouts – Shot/Drive reads
  • Shot/Pass reads for ball handler when they penetrate
  • Penetration reactions by off ball players
  • Getting open
  • Backdoors
  • Dribble At reads
  • Passing & Catching
  • Scoring/Finishing


I would use different 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 drills (SSGs) to emphasize the actions presented in the list. During this time the coach can teach their fundamental beliefs for each point and can continue to evaluate the skill level of each player.

Key Point –  Rhythm Offense Combined With 5 Out Motion Pass and Cut 

I feel that players can get caught only looking for the cutter after they receive a pass in a “Pass and Cut” offense. I told our JR High coach to continue to teach the “One Count” read just like we do in our Varsity “Motion” offense. By that I mean when a player catches the ball they look for their “One Count” action like normal instead of looking at the cutter. As the player looks to the rim for their “One Count” action, they can pass to the cutter if they happen to see the cutter is open. I want the player with the ball to focus on their own “One Count” and “Two Count” reads. I don’t feel like the cutter will be open enough to justify focusing all of our attention only looking to pass to the cutter. I don’t mind if a player tries to pass to a cutter when it’s really obvious that they are open on the cut, but that should only happen a few times a game.


The CUT in the “Pass and Cut” offense should be looked at in two ways:

  • Open a gap for a “Two Count” action
  • Provide space to perform a “Three Count” action


Backdoors should be taught in this offense

Dribble Ats can be added to add more variety to the basic actions – Diagrams



Diagrams  –  Rhythm Offense Combined With 5 Out Motion Pass and Cut 

5 Out Pass and Cut Diagrams


Conclusion –  Rhythm Offense Combined With 5 Out Motion Pass and Cut 

This is a very simple offense that I feel is perfect for developing players who are own Elementary and Jr High teams. We did use this type of offense at a high level a few years ago with our Varsity team for most of the season. We decided to add ‘off ball’ screens towards the end of that season.


Thanks and good luck this season!


Ryan Smith

Author of Rhythm Offense on Amazon

Twitter – r_b_j_c

Website – www.rhythmoffense.weebly.com

Click on the pdf link to download the Rhythm Offense Combined With 5 Out Motion Pass and Cut:

Rhythm Offense Combined With 5 Out Motion Pass and Cut by Ryan Smith

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