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Do you want to boost your team potential?

Here’s something that will help you improve your training, and skyrocket your coaching skills.

More than 120 videos with Drills and Plays by some of the best professional coaches to help you improve your players’ skills, and your team’s performance. And they are offered for a one-time payment… And they are only the beginning… Combined with the Encyclopedia of Clinic Notes, they are an intended to be the Atomic Bomb of Basketball Coaching…

Here’s an index of the videos included right now:

Shooting Drills and Finishes

Shooting Fundamentals
Team Shooting Drills
Team Shooting Catch Shoot
Layup Finishes
Individual Offense

Dribbling Drills and Ballhandling

Dribble Moves

Passing Drills and Pick and Roll

Pick ad Roll Passes
Pick and Roll Coverages
Pick and Roll Attack Ice


Mid Post Footwork
Post Footwork
Footwork from Wing
Footwork into Shot
Footwork Out of Box
Post Moves
Pinch Post

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