World’s greatest collection of basketball coaching notes: Volume 8 Ebook


Listing for Volume 8 of “World’s greatest collection of basketball notes”


Instead of putting out a second dvd, I decided to put my notes into E-book form. They are more organized for you and it is less effort on your part to read than the dvd. I hope that you like them.I am working with the newest notes that I have and working my way backwards in the next week or two then I should have everything that was on the dvd in PDF form.

Here is a listing for Volume 8:

1) 1-3-1 Offensive sets from Europe
2) South Dakota Women’s basketball drills
3) Adidas clinic coaches notes
4) Amoeba defense
5) Andy Wood Open Post Offense
6) Basketball Drills
7) Bill Self Hi-Low offense adidas clinic
8) Bo Ryan Swing Offense adidas clinic
9) Bobby Hurley Uptempo Practice
10) Bruce Pearl Full Court Press
11) Bruce Pearl Uptempo transition notes adidas clinic
12) Caballero Advanced Guard workouts
13) Caballero Defensive plan
14) Cal Speed Offense
15) Chapul
16) Charlotte Bobcat sets
17) Coach K Duke 3 out / 2in motion
18) Coaches clinic notes
19) Calipari / Larry Brown coaching retreat notes
20) Dave Leito Building your program
21) Del Harris NBA Thoughts
22) Don Meyer and Golden State Playbook
23) Dr. Tom Davis Flexible 3-2 defense
24) Drive and Kick Drill
25) Duke 3 out / 2 in motion offense
26) Ernie Kent: man to man offense
27) Fundamentals of Pick and Roll
28) Gene Evans 2-3 Matchup zone
29) Geno Auriemma Three Post Offense
30) Greg Popovich Spurs Early Offense
31) Hal Wissel: Basketball shooting
32) Herb Brown Coaching information
33) Inbounds Tennessee
34) Iso Double vs 1-2-2
35) Iso Double vs. 2-3
36) Jerry Tarkanian Amoeba Defense
37) Jerry Wainwright: Practice thoughts
38) Jim Calhoun: Multiple Defenses
39) Jim Seward: Full court game
40) Joe McKeown: George Washinton matchup zone
41) John Beilein: Nike clinic and Michigan clinic
42) John Beilein: West Virginia Skill booklet
43) John Beilein Michigan clinics
44) John Calipari: adidas clinic
45) Kansas womens basketball drills
46) Karl Malone training camp
47) Kevin Eastman boston Celtics workout
48) Kevin Eastman Boston Celtics workouts (Different)
49) Kevin Piggott Princeton offense and Jimmy Tillette Samford Practice
50) Kevin Stallings: Developing a Program
51) Kevin Sutton: Fatigue shooting, 2 ball shooting, basketball video notes
52) Kim Anderson: Practice sessions
53) LA Clippers Personnel : scoring moves and jumptraining
54) LA Lakers 2002 – Playbook
55) LA Lakers Scouting report
56) Larry Gipson: Individual workouts and motion offense
57) Lason Perkins: Open post offense
58) Leonard Hamilton notes
59) Lithuania Playbook
60) Lute Olsen: Arizona High Post offense
61) Mark Few: Gonzaga Playbook
62) Michigan Inbounds play
64) NABC Final Four coaching clinic notes
65) Nate McMilan: Sonics Pick and Roll Defense
66) NCAA special situations
67) Nike Coaches Academy from Europe
68) North Carolina Complete Conditioning workouts
69) Out of Bounds Zip Play
70) Parents Handbook
71) Pat Summitt Lady Vols Practice Organization
72) Perkins County: Kelvin Sampson 1-4 High offense
73) Pete Gillen: Full Court Press
74) Peter Lonergan: Multi-skilled players
75) Pistols out of UCLA sets
76) Puget Sound Flight Handbook
77) Quin Synder: Missouri Offense booklet
78) Quin Synder: Missouri Defense booklet
79) Rick Barnes: Homework hoops
80) Rick Majerus: Basketball Thoughts
81) Rick Samuels: Open Post Offense drills
82) Rocket Series
83) Sacremento Kings Offense
84) Shepparton gators under 12 drills
85) Shepparton gators men 20 playbook
86) Shepparton gators men 20 playbook 2
87) Silver Read vs. 2-3 zone
88) Steve Alford: Series Breakdowns for Motion Offense
89) Steve Smith Oak Hill: zone offense
90) Steve Smith Oak Hill: defense
91) Sturt under 18 boys defense playbook
92) Sturt under 18 boys offense playbook
93) Tim Floyd: Playbook
94) Tod Kowalczyk: Attacking Ball Screening offense
95) Tony Barone: Scouting for the Pro’s
96) Vance Walberg: 2-2-1 defensive clinic
97) Vance Walberg: BB court Tunica
98) Vance Walberg: Basketball clinics
99) Vance Walberg: Pepperdine Practice for 10-25-07
100) Vance Walberg: Rules for Gaps Pressing
101) Vance Walberg: Practice in Oct.
102) Wharton College Basketball drills

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