Whitman College – Innovative Dribble Drive Motion Offense



Hey Coach!

A lot has been written about the dribble drive.

Some coaches love it.

They literally build everything around it…

Others dismiss it as passé…

Either way, whether your offense employs dribble drive motion or not, it’s likely you’ll have to face it multiple times this season, so you need to prepare for what’s coming your way.

Make sense?

Well, with that in mind, I’ve done a bit of research for you.

I’ve found an NCAA D3 coach that has been in the Top 3 of Scoring Offense that last three years. He has taken Dribble Drive Motion Offense and taken it to a new level.

Coach Bridgeland spent time with Coach Walberg at Pepperdine in 2008. He has helped transform a program with just one winning season in the previous 20 years into a major blip on the NCAA D3 national radar.

In the past three seasons, Whitman College went 88-5, reaching the Sweet 16, Elite Eight, and Final Four of the NCAA D3 Tournament.

Here’s what I did…

I broke things down into 7 main sections (these just made sense to me):

Entry Set Plays
Secondary Break
2-2-1 Press
After Time Out Plays
Baseline Out of Bounds Plays
Sideline Out of Bounds Plays.
In all, its 82 pages you can tuck into your back pocket as the ideal reference.

Now I say “Innovative”, because you really don’t need much Coach Bridgeland has taken it to a NEW level.



The way things should be. ☺

Anyway, you can get your copy instantly by CLICKING HERE!

See you courtside!

Scott “Being innovative wins games” Peterman


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