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Are you looking past the simple solution for your team?

Hi Coach,

We’re all guilty of over complicating things from time to time…

I know I am.

Call it “shiny object syndrome” if you want…

As coaches, we should be striving to make things simpler, not more complex.

Just because some coach who’s on a winning streak puts out a new way to do things, do NOT mean we should all rush out and do it.

Am I right?

Let me give you an example.

The Open Post is a great offense.  It’s used at nearly every level of the game.

But a lot of coaches I talk to are looking past it for some other solution…

The one the “cool kids” are using.

Let’s slow down for a second and look at this again.

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider the Open Post if you don’t use it already…(and if you do, how you can use it in more situations)

If you have a small (but quick) team, the Open Post should be your best friend.  You’ll need to exploit your opponent’s weaknesses in order to win.
You can turn your undersized players into an advantage, by removing the low post threats and capitalizing on your perimeter play.
Directly related to the above: If you have good penetrators and outside shooters (or can develop them) this becomes a no-brainer
When you need to, you can slow the games down and take one advantage away from a bigger, more athletic team.  Delay, delay, delay.
It’s a breeze to learn and teach for younger players who haven’t reached a certain level of sophistication or maturity yet.

All of this sounds like solid reasoning for the Open Post to be used a TON in high school or youth sports.

I hope you agree.

If so–and you’ve read this far–I have a surprise for you!

I’ve got the “primer” on the Open Post in a brand new playbook for you…based on the guy who I think “owns” the open post.

West Virginia Head Coach Bob Huggins.

I’ve put together 125 pages of breakdowns and game situations for you!

It looks like this:

Open Post breakdown
Game analysis for Kansas (a BIG part of this playbook)
Texas Tech (yup!)
And an added section on the WV defense.

After reading through this playbook, I hope you’ll see this option for what it is.  A simple, easy-to-implement solution for high school and youth teams.

Let’s NOT over complicate things…

You can grab this BRAND NEW, previously unreleased playbook right here:

West Virginia Offensive – Defensive Playbook

This is one of those playbooks that should be at the core of what we’re doing out there…

See you courtside,

Scott “keeping it simple” Peterman

West Virginia Offensive – Defensive Playbook


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