Ultimate Pre-season Checklist for Basketball Coaches



Here’s what to do BEFORE tryouts get here…[Ultimate Checklist!]

Hey Coach!

I’ll admit this up front…

If I don’t write something down, it ceases to exist as far as my brain is concerned.

I rely heavily on lists and organizational tools.

That may be the teacher in me, but whatever the reason, I need structure to make the best use of my day…(who doesn’t!)

So when I saw this tool, I was floored.

This is EXACTLY what I was looking for.

I mean, every coach has a plan they go through to prep for tryout and preseason “rituals”, but I’ve NEVER seen anything as detailed as this.

I literally put aside the forms and notes I’ve been using for years, and replaced them with this “secret weapon”.

Coach Derek Sheridan, who runs the show at Delta High School (IA), is my new favorite guy.

He’s gone over and above with this 30 page basketball-specific preseason planning tool.

Here are just a few of the topics that I ripped right from the Table of Contents:


Team Logistics, Strengths, Weaknesses, & Change                       1

Team & Individual Defense                                                              4

Man-to-Man Defense Fundamentals Teaching Progression            4

Zone Defense Teaching Progression                                               5

Zone Defense Breakdown Drills Progression                                  6

Man-to-Man O’ Concepts Teaching Order                                       6

Man-to-Man Actions Teaching Order                                               6




And here’s what a typical section looks like on the inside…


1. # of practices until our first scrimmage:  ______. # of practices until our first game: ______.

2. Best team in our league:  ____________________ Best Non-League Team:  ________________

3. Best team in our Sectional:  _______________________________________________________

4. How do we have to play in order to beat the best team in our Sectional?


Offense                               Defense

1.                                         1.

2.                                         2.

3.                                         3.

4.                                         4.

5.                                         5.




And on and on…

Seriously, NASA could learn something from this simple and effective structure.

I thinks it’s awesome that one of “us” took the time to sit down and write this up…and then offered it to his colleagues.

Very cool.

You can have everything for personnel from drills, to plays, and special situation work, all structured in an easy to use format.

This stuff is GOLD!

However, he did succeed in making it a “no brainer”…

Anyway, I’m all in with this one.

Here’s how to get yours instantly:

Ultimate Preseason Checklist

See you courtside,

Scott “let me write this down” Peterman


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