Tyronn Lue Cleveland Cavaliers Playbook



Tyronn Lue Cleveland Cavaliers Playbook

Tyronn Lue Cleveland Cavaliers

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The Cleveland Cavaliers lead by Tyronn Lue won the 2015-2016 NBA World Championship. They used a faster lineup plus the shooting of Kevin Love along LeBron James and Kyrie Irving. They sped up the tempo involving Love more. They designed half court sets and after time out plays that would let the offense to flourish.

Tyronn Lue Horns Rub Set Play

The NBA community took notice at Tyronn Lue, and his X’s & O’s when the Cleveland Cavaliers scored seven straight times against the Toronto Raptors in the Eastern Conference finals. They used a Horns Set Play with LeBron at the Power Forward and Kevin Love at the Center position to help space out the floor. Kyrie Irving passed to LeBron at the elbow and cut to the block. He set a rub screen for Richard Jefferson so the defense couldn’t switch the screen. After Kyrie Irving had come off the dribble handoff pass from LeBron, he rolled to the rim. Having the five man in the corner prevented the help defender from being in the right spot on defense. That action is what made this set very deadly.

horns rub

Tyronn Lue Cleveland Cavaliers Back Set Play

Coach Lue ran a lot of great after timeout set plays for JR Smith to get him some open shots at the NBA three-point line. LeBron would run point guard spot and do a dribble handoff with JR Smith on the wing, then do an Iverson cut over the top of the post players who were on the elbows. JR Smith would take the ball to LeBron who would attack the rim and have a post player fake a ball screen for him on the wing.

LeBron attacks the baseline, and the post defender would help down, that allowed the post player for the Cavs to set a throwback screen for JR Smith to get a wide open three-point shot. Timing was essential to this play, because if JR went early or LeBron reversed course then the defense could recover.



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