Tom Izzo Open Practice Series


Tom Izzo Open Practice Series

Tom Izzo Open Practice Series

Open Practice: Offensive Playbook – Basketball — Championship Productions, Inc.

The Tom Izzo Open Practice Series will show you everything that you could want to know about Michigan State University head coach Tom Izzo. He is an X’s and O’s basketball guru when it comes to offensive philosophy. He will show his reasons behind their offensive philosophy and give you some diagrams of his best set plays and how to do them in a live practice situation.

Tom Izzo was named the head coach of the Michigan State Spartans in 1995. He got into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame in 2016. Coach Izzo won a National Championship in 2000. He has taken them to the 2009 National Championship Game and seven Final Fours. He has won seven Big Ten Titles and five Big Ten Tournament Title.

The Tom Izzo Open Practice Series will show you the pro-style offense and how they execute to get the right shots for his players. Coach Izzo shows his player all the details for every set play execution. These DVD series will show you his man-to-man offense, transition offense, and quick hitters. You will also learn his end of the game set plays. Coach Izzo will use the whole concept to his teach to show you how each set play runs and how to teach the offense.

Tom Izzo Open Practice Series: Philosophy

Coach Izzo loves for his players to understand why they run set plays. He is going to explain to you how to implement his Michigan State University Offense. He will show you why he likes certain types of players to get the ball and where he likes them to receive the ball. Coach Izzo uses a lot of NBA set plays and lets his players freelance in them as well. You will learn how he decides on his player’s role and how to utilize your best players in this offense.

Tom Izzo Open Practice Series: Zone Offense

The Tom Izzo Open Practice Series will show you how quick hitters are the best way to attack zone defenses. Coach Izzo will show his chalkboard ideas on how to develop your set plays so that they attack the soft spots of the zone defense. His core philosophy is that you attack the zone defense from the inside-out. Each set play applies pressure to the back of the zone defense so they can get the looks that they want. His basic set play is out of a 1-3-1 alignment, and he can attack an odd or even front from this formation.

Coach Izzo will show his three best set plays against an odd front zone defense and how to show your players to attack them. The “Double” set play will show them an open scoring opportunity coming from a double screen that will force the zone to leave a player free. All of his set plays have flashes, pin downs, ball screens and lobs with them in a lot of different ways.

All the set plays are used with players so you can see how the zone defense segment looks like with Coach Izzo directing traffic.

Tom Izzo Open Practice Series: Man-to-Man Offense

In the Tom Izzo Open Practice Series, Coach Izzo will show some of his set plays that they use with a man to man offense. He breaks down five set plays out of a Horns and 452 series of quick hitters on the chalkboard and then you will get to see them in two different scrimmage formats for practice.

Coach Izzo loves to use the Horns set play formation and has a counter attack for however; the defense chooses to cover any of his set plays. All the game plays have the ball getting into the key by a wing pick & roll or by a high post entry.

Tom Izzo Open Practice Series: Transition Offense

You will learn how to be organized while having your players play fast. Coach Izzo will explain his ideas on transition offense, and you will get the chance to see it in action through two basketball drills. These basketball drills will show you all the options to score when he walks through the set play in a five on 0 dummy break.

Last second game set plays

In the Tom Izzo Open Practice Series, Coach Izzo thinks that the last ten seconds on the shot clock are where you can get the best shot. The pressure of the shot clock violation causes problems for the defense. He has a ton of series of quick hitters to get the best shot for his team. The Spartans will show you how to best shot versus the defense in that situation.

Tom Izzo Rebounding and Defense Drills

Open Practice: Defense & Rebounding Drills – Basketball — Championship Productions, Inc.

In the Tom Izzo Open Practice Series, Coach Izzo will show why he is one of the best defensive coaches out there. His teams are always physical and very intense which is hard to match up against. In this series, the man-to-man defense DVD will show different interviews, chalkboard talk, and the practice drills that he uses to make his team one of the best defensive teams in the nation.

Coach Izzo believes in the Defense Wins Championships Idea. His teams will focus on pick & roll coverages from the side, top, and corner. He will also cover rebounding and transition defense. This Dvd will show the core defensive drills that focus on positioning and toughness that are at the heart of how to play winning basketball.

There are ten practice exercises that you will be shown when viewing the man-to-man defense by the Michigan State University Staff. All of his breakdown drill focus on getting their players lots of repetitions in short and concise drills.

Tom Izzo Skill Development Drills

Open Practice: Skill Development Drills – Basketball — Championship Productions, Inc.

In the Tom Izzo Open Practice Series, Coach Izzo has a Dvd on Skill Development. Coach Izzo’s players always get better though out the year. Their skill development program is designed to make a deep NCAA Tournament run.

This skill development DVD will show how to run team and position specific drills that focus on finishing at the basket, ball handling, passing, shooting, and much more. Coach Izzo will explain how he handles practice planning and how he develops his basketball staff.

Player development is huge for success in your basketball program. You will see how they develop their players in the live practice footage. Coach Izzo will show you his fundamental ideas for a high energy practice. Coach Izzo will show you all of the insides of his skill development program.

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