“The Encyclopedia of Set Plays” Ebook



I have now released “The Encyclopedia of Set Plays” which has over 150 coaching notes and over 2200 pages of basketball information. This E-book is the best “Set Play” resource on the internet.

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Here is the listing of basketball coaching notes:

1-3-1 offensive sets from Europe
4 Seasons Playbook
A Bunch of Set Plays
Adidas Clinic Coaches notes
Argentina 2006 set plays
AST Plays
Basketball Coaches Retreat at Memphis
Ben Jacobson: Northern Iowa Set Plays
Billy Tubbs, Michigan State Plays, Maryland Offense
Bob McKillop: Myrtle Beach notes
Bob McKillop: Program buiding
Bob Punter: Valpo Offensive sets
Bob Thomason: Pacific Quick Hitters
Bobby Cremins: Myrtle beach clinic
Bobby Cremins: Notes
Bobby Cremins: Building an Offense
Bobby Lutz: 4 out / 1 in Set Plays
Bobby Lutz: Myrtle Beach notes
Bobby Lutz: Quick Hitters
Bobby Lutz: UNC Charlotte quick hitters
Bobby Lutz: Quick hitters 2
Brad Stevens: Coaching Clinic sets
Brad Stevens: Coaching clinic 2004
Brad Stevens: TABC clinic
Brad Stevens: Bulter Team Practice
Brandon Miller: Butler Ball Screens
Brenda Frese: Maryland offensive sets
Bruce Weber: Illinois quick hitters
Bruce Weber: SIU offensive sets
Buzz Peterson: Coastal Carolina Special plays
Charlie Hall: Kokomo Set Plays
Charlotte Bobcats: Scouting Utah Jazz
Charlotte Bobcats: Set plays
Chicago Bulls: Training camp
Chris Lowery: SIU quick hitters
Coaching Retreat Notes
Dave Odom: SC quick hitters
Dave Rose: BYU Special Plays
David Moe: Emporia State Set Plays
Detroit Championship Offense
Detroit Pistons: Training Camp
Dick Bennett, Bobby Gonzalz, John Kresse
Dick Davey, Steve Smith, Tom Crean sets
Dick Luther: UW sets
Dickie Nutt: Arkansas State Set Plays
Doc Sadler: UTEP quick hitters
Don Meyer: Coaching academy with Rick Majerus
Ernie Kent: Mike D’Antoni sets
Fran Franschilla: UNM Offensive sets
Greg McDermott: Set Play Offense
Greg McDermott: Iowa State Set Plays
Gary Wiliams, Roy Williams, Dave Odom notes
Hubie Brown: How to win with less talent
Hubie Brown: Notes
Hubie Brown: Playbook for Success
Hubie Brown: Special Situations
Hubie Brown: Memphis Grizzlies Set Plays
International NBA clinic Belgrade
Jason Young: Avon Set Plays
Jay Wright: Myrtle Beach Plays for Players
Jay Wright: Nike clinic : Plays for Players
Jerry Wainwright: 3 point plays
Jerry Wainwright: Game situations, blob, and etc.
Jerry Wainwright: Perimeter Play
Joey Stiebling: New Orleans set plays, slobs, and blobs
John Brady: LSU sets and man offense
John Calipari: Building a Program clinic
John Calipari: Coaching Retreat 2007
John Calipari: UMASS notes
John Shulman: UT Chatt. Quick hitters
John Kresse: Offensive sets
Kevin O’Neill: Set Plays
Kevin O’Neill: Arizona Set Plays
Kevin O’Neill: Northwestern Set Plays
Kevin Stallings; Vanderbilt practice 2007
Kevin Stallings: Vanderbilt practice 2007 (second practice)
Kevin Stallings: Vanderbilt quick hitters
Larry Eustachy: Southern Miss. Set Plays
Larry Krystkowiak: Montana quick hitters
Lecanto High School: playbook
Leornard Perry: Idaho Set Plays
Lithuania Playbook
Lon Kruger: UNLV Set Plays
Lon Kruger: UNLV Set Plays and OB’s
Lon Kruger: UNLV Playbook
Mark Few: Gonzaga Playbook
Mark Turgeon: Texa A&M Set Plays
Mark Turgeon: Wichita State quick hitters
Mark Turgeon: Texas A&M Set Plays 2
May 2007: Nike Clinics
MB Clinic 2001
Miami Heat Playbook
Michigan State University Sets
Michigan State University: Complete System
Middle Tennessee: Total Option Offense
Mike D’Antoni: Set Plays
Mike Deane: Wagner quick hitters
Mike Montgomery: Myrtle Beach notes
Mike Fratello: 3pt shot sets
Murray Bartow: UAB 3 point plays
NABC Final Four 2008 Clinics
NCAA Special Situations
Niagria Set Offense
Nike 2008: Gary Williams, Billy Gillispie, Oliver Purnell
Nike 2006: Various Coaches
Nike Myrtle Beach 2008 clinic notes
Nike Pittsburgh 2001: Coach K, Gary Waters, John Chaney
Nike Robinsonville: Leonard Hamilton, Roy Williams, Lorenzo Romar
Nike Championship coaches
Nike Clinic 2005
Nike Clinic 2005 plays
Nike Clinic 2006
Nike Coaches Academy booklet
Pete Gillen: 3pt shooting set plays
Pete Strickland: Late Game Situations
Phil Martelli: 10 plays to score
Phoenix Suns: Offensive Sets
Quin Synder: Missouri Offensive booklet
Razorback Offense
Ritchie McKay: New Mexico quick hitters
Rob Jeter: UW Milwaukee clinic
Robert Lee: Lafayette quick hitters
Ron Everhart: Northeastern quick hitters
Roy Williams: UNC quick hitters
Scott Sutton: Oral Robert quick hitters
Seth Greenburg: Nike clinic 2008
Seth Greenburg: VA Tech quick hitters
Shepparton Gators: Playbook 1
Shepparton Gators: Playbook 2
Skip Prosser: Coaching Clinic
Slyvia Hatchell: Nike Clinic: Winning Carolina Way
Spain Sets
Spain Scouting sets
Stan Joplin: Toledo Special plays
Stan Van Gundy: NBA applications, game situations
Steve Shields: UALR quick hitters
Steve Smith: Oak Hill 40 series quick hitters
Steve Smith: Oak Hill special plays
Stew Morrill: Utah State quick hitters
Tim Floyd: USC offense
Tim Floyd: Playbook
Todd Lickliter: Butler Man sets
Todd Lickliter: set plays
Todd Lickliter: Butler offensive system
Tom Izzo: Michigan State offensive system
Tom Izzo: Special teams for championships
Travis Ford: EKU quick hitters
Trent Johnson: Vegas 06
USA Coaches Clinic 2008


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