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Subj:  The fastest way to kill the offensive rhythm – Learn How To Install A Switching Defense 

Hey Coach,

I’ve expressed in many posts just how out-and-out excited I get when we can present you with a new playbook…

It’s even better when that playbook details the #1 trend in basketball defense.

Well, release the pigeons and sound the trumpets!

Here we go…

Let’s state this right up front:

Old school logic called the switching defense “soft”.  (It was actually Bobby Knight who led that charge.  He HATED it.) Yet, here we are.


Because the game and the players have changed significantly since the days of getting the ball to the low post where a Patrick Ewing or Shaq was waiting…

Honestly, how often do you see that style of play anymore?

That approach has been slowly – but surely – displaced by a game of speed with (arguably) more versatile players.

Switching can kill the rhythm of the offense and cause the ball to become sticky.

Offensive players and the ball become stagnant.


So far, so good.  Right?

Much of the success on offense stems from having great player and ball movement to break down the defense. The switch can slow this down.

Now it becomes easier for the defense to position themselves properly and guard the offensive action.

What happens then? (I love this part…)

You start daring the offense to beat you over and over again- “Are you good enough to beat us by making individual plays all night?”

You take defense – which is normally in reactionary mode – and move into a position of MUCH more control.

When executed correctly, you force the offense out of their comfort zone and into a style that suits you and your team.

So, what does the defense of the future look like?  You’re looking at it.

And I strongly recommend you understand the switching defense at the deepest level.

Here is step #1.

Our new “Switching Defense” playbook is 66 pages of everything you need to know – and implement.


See you courtside,

Scott Peterman


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