Stephen F. Austin Motion Offense Playbook



Stephen F. Austin Motion Offense Playbook

Here’s a playbook with everything you need to know for the Brad Underwood Motion Offense. One of the best coaches in college basketball that you’ve never heard of resides in Nacogdoches, Texas. Brad Underwood has been the Head Coach of the Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks for the past 3 seasons and has experienced unparalleled success. Prior to his opening round game in the 2016 NCAA Tournament against his old boss Bob Huggins and West Virginia Underwood posted an astounding record of 88-13. Those 3 years at Stephen F. Austin have also produced a 53-1 conference record and 2 undefeated conference regular seasons. The Lumberjacks have qualified for the NCAA Tournament all 3 years Underwood has been in charge.

The success at Stephen F. Austin has been spearheaded by their offense. If you’re looking for consistency, the Lumberjacks have scored at a rate of 1.15 points-per-possession, per, for all of his 3 seasons at as Head Coach. This rate was good for national ranks of 12th, 13th and 15th respectively.

The Lumberjacks also share the ball about as well as anyone in all of basketball. They have assisted on a minimum of 62% of their made field goals all 3 seasons with Underwood at the helm. Stephen F. Austin peaked the past two seasons; assisting on 65% of their made field goals, good for 4th in the country each season.

Their offense centers around a simple motion offense that can be taught at all levels of basketball. The Lumberjacks use precise cuts, hard screens and selfless passing to open players to overwhelm their opponents.

This playbook covers Underwood’s main motion offense and all of the counters he uses to run off of it. You can learn it all within minutes and can start implementing it to your team immediately. The offense relies on position less players who have high IQ’s and a deep understanding of how the offense works. No matter how the defense is playing, this offense always has a counter that you can go to in order to get an open shot.

Brad Underwood Motion Offense Playbook also features a variety of baseline out-of-bounds sets that will yield easy baskets or can seamlessly transition into the main motion offense. This is by far the most adaptable offense that can be taught and learned by basketball players of all ages. You can make your offense as potent as the one at Stephen F. Austin.


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