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Here is a 125 basketball coaching clinic notes ebook / playbook on Special Situations and various basketball coaching clinic notes. It also includes the Brazil National Team Playbook (53 pages) for free. It includes over 2500 pages of basketball coaching information. During the stretch run before the playoffs, you can pick up some “special situations” plays to help put your team in the win column.The Brazil National Team Playbook is something that I did personally for one of the top five national ranked high school teams in the United States. I also put in the Tom Izzo Quick strikes and Vance Walberg Dribble Drive Attack Playbook.

You also get a free “Mid-Major” Madness Volume 1 Playbook.

Pick up crucial points with these made-to-score out of bounds plays and special situations. Insights on how to handle special situations including pressure, press break, zone offense, attacking junk defenses and late game situations. Demonstration of how to beat junk defenses like the triangle and two and box and one. Also included are pressure, press break, zone offense, attacking junk defenses and late game situations. Handling pressure applies to situations on and off the floor. Offensive execution is important when facing a myriad of situations from your opponent. to help your team add 4-5 points a game-and win more close games!

Coaching philosophy on special situations – or what people call “special teams situations.” Any dead ball situation is considered a special teams opportunity and his goal is to be aggressive and pick up 4-5 points a game in special teams play.

Use these plays and strategies to go after an opposing player who is in foul trouble, generate fouls against your opponent’s best player and to get the shots you need late in the game.

Special teams involves:

  • Jump balls – See plays to help you score on the first possession of the game.
  • Missed offensive free throws – Get the ball back after a missed free throw.
  • Baseline out-of-bounds – Plays to attack from the baseline.
  • Sideline out-of-bounds – Plays with multiple options.
  • Plays after time outs – Set plays to neutralize heavy defensive pressure.
  • The three main goals when it comes to special teams play: Score points, have a specific purpose and have two options (inside and outside).

Use effective plays and strategies to change your team from an early exit team to an Deep Playoff team in your tournament on annual basis.

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