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Want to win more games? Want to play better defense? Need to learn how to score more points? Spartan Basketball has some of the best basketball training tips out. Basketball is more than a game it is life. We give you the tools to not only win at basketball but win at life.

Brief Description of Playbook

For all team coaches, finding time to conduct skill development in practice can be difficult. However, it is a critical component of all team’s success. Because there is a strong need for it but limited time coaches must be creative in finding ways to build individual and team skills.

The 100 Team Skills Drill Book is the answer to every coach’s question of “how do I make my players more skilled”. It includes shooting, ball handling, defense, rebounding and every other attribute involved with the game of basketball.

The drills are designed to be competitive, game like, and challenge players to reach the next level. The book contains things specific to guards, post players and interaction between the two. Most importantly it teaches the game and is progressive in nature.

This is the guide to building players that all coaches need on their teams.


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