Set Plays & Drills for the Blocker Mover Offense


Set Plays and Drills for the Blocker Mover Offense

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  • Learn set plays from the Blocker Mover Offense that will keep the defense unsettled and game offensive drills!
  • Learn 12 set plays that will throw off the defense with your Mover Blocker Offense!
  • Implement your Blocker Mover Offense using a specific practice plan!

Tom Jicha is the head basketball coach at John A. Ferguson (FL). He is an expert in Blocker Mover Offense

You will learn how to use set plays and his drills to make your Blocker – Mover Offense run efficiently. There are twelve different set plays that you can use with the Blocker Mover Offense when the defense starts to overplay the offense. These set plays can be perfect for an “After Time-Out” game, end of the quarter, or starting the quarter. These set plays have the same look as the Blocker Mover Offense, and the Defense won’t see what is coming at them.

Set Plays and Drills for the Mover-Blocker Offense – Basketball — Championship Productions, Inc.

Coach Jicha will show you how to score in the offense and where your particular players can fit in this offense. He will show you the drills that will help you to install the offense and skills that will make it easier for them.

Blocker Mover Offense Set Plays

You need to have multiple ways to attack the defense using the same line-ups, and Coach Jicha will break down the set plays that will fool the defense. The Blocker Mover Offense uses flare screens, back screens, down screens, re-screening, and ball screens.

Coach Jicha will show you some quick hitters that will get your players in the five top scoring areas discussed in the Mover-Blocker Offense Video. Every set play is designed to get you a layup or three point shot.

Blocker Mover Offense Drills

In this DVD, you will learn some drills that will allow your team to score in each of the top scoring areas. The first exercise will show all the different motions like layups, curl shots, jump shots off a curl, three point shots, and fade shots.

The next section will be his breakdown drills where the players will work on back cuts, flare cuts, attacking the middle, attacking the baseline, and screening.

The final section of this DVD will include ball screen drills that will show you how to pop, roll, and dribble hand-off.

Get all the secrets to the Blocker Mover Offense here! Your team will reward you with a winning offense.

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