Purdue Boilermakers Offensive Playbook



I like Purdue’s chances…especially after reading this

Hey Coach,

Well, as they say, “changes are afoot” in college coaching circles…

When I read about John Beilein’s decision to leave Michigan and take the Cleveland job, I just shook my head.

It just didn’t make much sense to me…

Why leave a program that’s in the hunt for a national title for one that is…well, going to need some “returning” to say the least?

I will say this though, Matt Painter’s job just got a little easier.


With Beilein out of the picture and Purdue now a perennial contender in March, I’m liking the Boilermaker’s chances going forward.

Painter now has 3 Big Ten titles and 5 Sweet 16 Appearances in 11 trips to the NCAA Tournament (including 3 in a row).

I don’t know about you, but I put him in the top 3 active coaches.

With that in mind, I did some digging and got my hands on something…

I have the Purdue Boilermaker’s Playbook for you!

Very timely I thought.

If there’s one thing we can ALL agree on, it is that there are few teams with the ability to get open three-point shots with their set plays with the consistency of Purdue. (Dare I say no one?)

Also fact.

This playbook is divided into 6 sections.

Swivel Series
Horns Series
Weave Series
Special Series
Baseline OB Series
Sideline Series
Straightforward. No BS.

And I have a SUPER imaginative title to match:

Purdue Boilermakers Offensive Playbook (hahaha…crazy original, I know.)


You’ll get 92 total pages with everything you’ll need to understand why Painter’s motion offense has consistently been one of the top 5 offenses in college ball in recent years.

If you’d like to see how Purdue does what they do so well: CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR INSTANT DOWNLOAD COPY TODAY!

See you courtside,



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