Pack-Line Defense Rules: “How to Attack the Pack-Line Defense” Playbook



“How to Attack the Pack-Line Defense” Playbook by Chris Filios.

Packline Defense Rules are an effective strategy to beat it!

What are the Pack-Line Defense Rules?

The Pack-Line Defense Rules are an offensive basketball strategy that can be employed to beat the effectiveness of this defense. The pack-line defense rules are layed out in this 180 page “Attack the Pack” Playbook.

What is the Pack-Line Defense?

Dick Bennett made the Pack-line defense famous when he coached for the Washington State University Cougars, and his son Tony Bennett uses it now.  Several other NCAA D1 coaches that use the pack-line defense are Chris Mack (Xavier) and Sean Miller (Arizona)

What is the Pack-Line Defense trying to accomplish?

The pack line defense pressures the basketball while the other four defensive men stay inside a line around the 17-foot mark away from the basket. The off-ball defensive members try to give help on dribble-drive and stop the kick and shoot. Too many coaches think that they can shoot enough three-point shots to beat the pack-line defense. The Pack defenders try to play cutters and screens with passion and try to force a slower tempo with fewer offensive possessions.

Pack-line Defense Rules: What is in the “Attack the Pack” Playbook?

This playbook will discuss:

Player Movement
Post Relationship Concepts
“Gator” Screen Action
Twist Action
Mix ball screens
Rub Screen Action
“Michigan” Action
Slip Screen Action
“Kansas” Screen Action
Multiple Ballscreens
Backside Action
“Spain” Action
Roll-Replace Action
Step-Up Screen Action
Off-Ball Screening – Player Movement
Off-Ball Screening – Slip Concepts
Off-Ball Screening “Michigan” Action
Off-Ball Screening Re-Screen Action
Post Play – Post Play Relationship Concepts
Post Play – Beating the Post Double

You will want to buy this “Attack the Pack” Playbook! Most high schools run some version of the pack-line defense. Don’t you want to know what to do when the pack-line defense is physical and well-positioned with your team?

It’s no fun to play the pack-line defense, but now you will know how to attack it. Check it out today!



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