North Carolina State Wolfpack Playbook by Dana Beszczynski



Learn the NC State High Post Offense that has vaulted the Pack into the top 20 this season. Coach Mark Gottfried has brought an offense to NC State with lots of movement, screening actions, and a multitude of options. The High Post Offense starts at the elbow and is predicated on good cutting movements, screens, and reading the defense.

Now you can have this Offense in one playbook. Take your team to the next level by running this high powered offense with its multiple options. Designed for every position on the floor, this offense can take your team to the top!

Here’s the Bottom line…..

Learn the NC State Wolfpack’s Top Plays to score

Look at the NC State High Post Offense that they run

Discover the “crunch-time” plays that they use in last second situations

88 Pages of basketball coaching information for you!

You will soon realize why so many people get excited and tell their coaching buddies about the Men’s Basketball HoopScoop Playbooks.

STOP and realize that you have never had access to a Division 1 Locker Room before or their Playbook anywhere in history……

You are ready for Success on the basketball court, Aren’t you?

Top Secret Information inside here!

See your team mastering these different ways to score everytime!

You don’t want to miss this playbook!

It’s just incredible!

Seeing is believing!

While each second passes, you know must be satisfied or you’ll get all your money back


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