NIT Finals Playbook by Dana Beszczynski



NIT Finals Playbook by Dana Beszczynski

NIT Playbook


This year’s NIT Finals between the SMU Mustangs and Minnesota Golden Gophers was an incredible storyline. Larry Brown has resurrected the SMU basketball program from the ashes. Brown won an NCAA Title with Danny & The Miracles at Kansas in 1988 & an NBA Title with the Detroit Pistons in 2004. He was looking to become the first coach to win an NBA, NCAA, and NIT Title. On the other sideline, Richard Pitino was in his first season as Head Coach with Minnesota and second season overall as a Head Coach. Pitino of course gets a lot of attention becasue of his famous Father Rick Pitino, but this year he led Minnesota to the most wins in a single season.

The NIT Finals Playbook is a spellbinding look into two different programs. Just when you thought the set plays would end and they would begin running something again, the teams showed just how deep a Division I playbook is and the amount of plays a team runs each season. SMU with Larry Brown shows some of the best PNR stuff I’ve seen in college basketball this season, but they also utilize box sets, and many transition looks. Minnesota runs a variety of Horns actions and quick hitters. Each and every play capitalizes on their players strengths and this playbook is a must have for any Coach looking for a balanced mixture of set offenses, quick hitters, PNR actions, and isolations.

The 2014 NIT Finals Championship Game Playbook is a one you cannot be without. Over 200 diagrams of plays guaranteed to instantly bring your team to a new level of success in the half court. At the end of the playbook you will also get an additional set of diagrams showing how Minnesota was able to withstand SMU’s late pressure for inbounding the ball. Get this now and you won’t be disappointed!