NBA Golden State Warriors Quick Hitters Playbook



  • Those who got it describe it as “70 pages of pure gold”
  • The only Playbook with this season’s NBA Champions best plays.
  • A set of plays that can be implemented to every youth or professional team.
  • Steve Kerr’s best basketball plays.

A Complete Collection Of The Best Plays Implemented By Steve Kerr’s Golden State Warriors

The NBA Golden State Warriors have been the most exciting team to watch throughout the season and the playoffs. Steve Kerr has turned the Warriors into the most efficient offensive system in the NBA by taking what he has learned from playing under Phil Jackson and Gregg Popovich and creating a hybrid offense with quick scoring options for Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. The NBA Golden State Warriors Quick Hitters Playbook features 65 high-efficiency offensive options to add to your own personal playbook.

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Top-notch NBA Basketball Plays Implemented By The Warriors This Season

The NBA Golden State Warriors Quick Hitters Playbook features 65 plays, over 70 pages. The playbook includes 57 man-to-man set plays, 1 Baseline Out-of-Bounds Play (BLOB), and 6 Sideline Out-of-Bounds Plays (SLOB).

All of the plays have been taken from the 2014-2015 season including the first two rounds of the playoffs. Most of the actions are relatively quick, but provide several options for scoring. The Warriors have mastered the art of efficient offense this season. Not only did the Warriors finish with the best record in the NBA in the regular season (67-15), but the Warriors also led the league in Field Goal Percentage (47.8%), 3-Point Field Goal Percentage (39.8%), Assists Per Game (27.4), and Points Per Game (110.0). Steve Kerr took over the team in 2014 and helped the Warriors improve from 51 in 2013-2014 wins to 67 this past season. Kerr’s influence from coaching legends Phil Jackson and Gregg Popovich has allowed him to mold his team into an offensive juggernaut.

In addition, Curry and Thompson had a huge impact averaging over 45 points per game combined through the regular season. In this playbook, you will find that there are several sets and formations that Kerr likes to use. Some of the most frequently used sets include the Horns Set, a 5-out Spread Set, and a single post set. Perhaps what has made the Warriors so much fun to watch is the chemistry that the players have developed.

All five players seem to know where the open shot is going to be, and each individual is willing to make the extra pass to get the open shot. This is something we can all strive to develop as coaches, and with the help of this playbook hopefully you can find some quick-hitting, high-efficiency scoring options to add to your team’s attack!

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Here are the contents of the Golden State Warriors Quick Hitters Playbook, where you can see all the plays it contains.

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Below is a sample of the plays the Golden State Warriors Quick Hitters Playbook contains.

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