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The 2014-15 Atlanta Hawks torched the NBA with innovative offense that has earned them the nickname “San Antonio Spurs East.” They utilized player movement, ball movement and selfless basketball en route to a 60-22 overall record and the number one seed in the 2015 Eastern Conference playoffs. Their offense translates to all levels of basketball and when executed properly runs like a well-oiled machine. This years version of the Hawks led the NBA in assist percentage, assisting on 68% of their made field goals.

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Head Coach Mike Budenholzer installed an offense that can best be described as a free-flowing motion offense. The following Atlanta Hawks playbook details and diagrams the various components of that offense.

The Hawks always space the floor and like to push the pace in hopes of getting high percentage looks. Their primary method of attack is the secondary break that he brought over with him from the San Antonio Spurs. Using quick screens and handoffs on the perimeter that evolve into passes to the pinch post area allow the Hawks to consistently get great shots.

The Atlanta Hawks Playbook also details a variety of ball screen plays and quick hitters that they will run when their offense gets stagnant that leads to getting the ball inside near the rim.

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This Atlanta Hawks Playbook also features many plays straight from Coach Bud’s clipboard. There are countless “opening sets” that feature a ton of sets that the Hawks liked to open games and quarters with. There also is a section of sideline-out-of-bounds plays which features all the sets the Hawks ran in the first two rounds of the playoffs during crunch time.

There are also a variety of baseline-out-of-bounds plays that the Hawks run to try and get a quick score upon taking the ball out of bounce. Overall, the playbook is 67 new and different sets that the top team in the Eastern Conference ran during the 2014-15 season .


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