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“Wikipedia” vs “Encyclopedia” [Help me get this new playbook name right…]

NOTE:  I do have a brand new motion offense playbook I wanted to let you know about, but before we get to that, I had a technical question I need to ask you first…

If I present a digital product to you (like this playbook) can I still call it an “Encyclopedia”?  


Am I showing my age whenever I do that?

After all, we know that “Wikipedia” is the online world’s version of the encyclopedia, so is the word “encyclopedia” itself passé?

I’d love to hear your input after you read the information below!


(I don’t want to get too off topic, but I want to be sure I’m staying up with the times. ☺ )

Back to the motion offense playbook!

You know how excited I get when I get to announce a new playbook.  

So here we go!  (Insert the sound of trumpets here…and a visual of pigeons being set free)

I now have my hands on a brand new playbook called the “Encyclopedia of Motion Offense”

  • 140 pages long
  • Breakdown of ALL the sets of motion offense
  • With 28 pages dedicated to just drills

The Table of Contents goes like this:

  • Philosophy, Rules, and Organization
  • Reads After Passing
  • Screening Situations
  • Screening Actions
  • Concepts Versus Teams that Switch
  • Concepts – Playing off the Post
  • Secondary Actions
  • Half Court Sets From Motion Teams
  • Drills, Drills, Drills…

As the name implies, if it has ANYTHING to do with the Motion Offense, it’s in here!

Now, if you go to Wikipedia, you’ll find a discussion on the motion offense playbook in basketball…history…references…variations…etc.

What you WON’T find is anything like this actual collection!

So…I think you can see the purpose of my original question…

For now, I’m sticking with “Encyclopedia of Motion Offense”  

The word still inspires that air of completeness, doesn’t it?

It might be audacious, but in this case, it DEFINITELY works.

See you courtside,

Scott “up with times” Peterman

Yes, give me instant access to Encyclopedia of Motion Offense!!



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