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Mike Jones: The DeMatha Flex Offense

  • Learn an innovative approach to the flex offense
  • Create great spacing and utilize both sides of the court
  • Execute the offense to perfection with breakdown drills and counters to any defensive pressure

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with Mike Jones,
DeMatha Catholic High School Head Coach;
Nike Elite Basketball Coach, USA Basketball National Team U16 &amp; U17 Assistant CoachMike Jones, head basketball coach at perennial powerhouse DeMatha Catholic High School, puts a unique spin on the popular and effective flex offense.</div>
Using on-court demonstrations, he breaks down offensive strategies into easy-to-follow steps for basketball players of all skill levels. Jones shares his version of the traditional flex screen as well as other popular techniques, emphasizing the importance of proper spacing and patience in creating opportunities for wide-open lay-ups.In this highly instructional DVD, Coach Jones walks viewers through his practice strategies providing detailed drills specifically designed to get players flowing naturally into various flex options. For example, using a 2-on-2 break down drill, he demonstrates proper techniques on setting and executing the flex screen.

Coach Jones also covers individual drills for improving shots from the floor. Emphasis is placed on creating maximum scoring opportunities by developing versatile players who understand and can execute the fundamental principles of play regardless of position.

Since no offense is impenetrable, Jones shares four counter-measures to help ball handlers reach the rim: back-door cuts, pin-down screens, flare screens and ball screens. He covers three counters to keep the defense guessing when wing passes are denied. All options are demonstrated in a 5-on-5 manner to show how to counter defensive pressure.

Finally, Coach Jones offers four proven options for generating post-up opportunities and spot-up shots by attacking the hoop and creating baskets. He also offers strategies to effectively exploit defensive mismatches.

This DVD is packed with many extras from a successful coach who has brought innovation to a proven, time-honored offense. Inarguably the best coaching tool on the market for teaching and implementing a stronger, more effective flex option!

78 minutes. 2011