Mid Major Madness Playbook: “Learn from the Cinderella Teams that shocked the NCAA Tournament in 2010″

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I am proud to introduce “Mid-Major Madness: Learn from the Cinderella teams that shocked the NCAA Tournament” Playbook. It has 50 plays in this playbook. I have included 34 half court set plays and 14 blobs from teams such as Utep, Sienna, Old Dominion, Murray State, St. Mary’s, Cornell, and University of Northern Iowa.

These teams don’t have the best talented players in the nation, but each one of them had great seasons and made the NCAA Tournament I put this playbook series together so you could learn from them. I took the best sets / blobs that each of these teams ran during their season and put them in this playbook.

“One of the defining images of the thrilling NCAA tourney was Farokhmanesh’s shot against No. 1 KU.”

Half-Court Set Example:

Blobs Example:

You have the opportunity to learn offense from some great X’s and O’s coaches on the mid-major level. These coaches don’t have the best players in the country either and use these sets to maxize their talent. You can look into some of the “secrets” that powered these teams to greatness this past season.

Coach Peterman

Picture of this 2010 NCAA Tournament:

“Cornell players celebrate after the 12th seed completed an upset of fifth seed Temple”

1 review for Mid Major Madness Playbook: “Learn from the Cinderella Teams that shocked the NCAA Tournament in 2010″

  1. Qamer

    i wanted to buy the payobolk but when he talked about that i have to download an app from app world to my blackberry well app world isn’t available in my country !!! :C that will be a problem Plz rim i beg u make app world avalable in kuwait

    • Coach Peterman

      This is a simple downloadable .pdf file that you can download to your mobile and/or your pc. No need for any specific app to open it. All you will need is an application that opens pdf files.

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