Michigan State University Vs Ohio State University Breakdown Playbook



Michigan State University Vs Ohio State University Breakdown Playbook

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In a match-up of perennial BIG 10 Powers, Michigan State and Ohio State did not disappoint in their first match-up this season. The Spartans raced out to a 17 point lead with 7:06 to play in the game only to see the Buckeyes go on a 20-3 run and had a chance to win at the end, but two great plays, first by Keith Appling to disturb the lay-up from Shannon Scott, saved a straight lay-in and then Adrian Payne took the ball off the rim and the game went into overtime where the Spartans were finally able to pull away for the victory.

Tom Izzo is a master of half court sets and this game breakdown gives a minute-by-minute breakdown of their best sets against man-to-man defenses. Ohio State’s Thad Matta made some great adjustments at halftime, but throughout the game, the Buckeyes offense gets the ball into their most effective scorers with some great set play actions. In the second half of this game, the strategists go to work as after timeouts, the plays get really interesting and the set that Ohio State runs at the end to try and get a shot off is tremendous.

This BIG 10 game breakdown will not disappoint with 126 diagrams for the die hard play enthusiasts. If you’re looking to add some nice new sets for the second half of the season, this playbook is just when you want to have. If you’re looking to put in some new actions come play-off time, then these coach’s are the right one’s to look at and emulate. This BIG 10 game came right down to the end and had over 45:00 of game action to breakdown, there’s something in here for every Coach at every level. Man-to-Man set plays, After Timeout Actions, isolation plays, 1-4 sets, misdirection, it’s all in here!!