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A defensive star rises: [The Yaklich Story]

Sometimes it’s kinda cool to see “one of your own” go all the way to the top.

This is one of those stories.

Many of you know the tale of Luke Yaklich.

Seven or eight years ago, he was a high school teacher…like so many of us.

But by mastering one particular skill set, he clawed his way up to Michigan Basketball.

Then the winds of fortune blew…

Pieces shuffled on the collegiate and NBA chessboard…

John Beilein makes the jump to the Cleveland Cavaliers (still inexplicable to me, but whatever).

Coach Yaklich takes this opportunity to jump over to work with Shaka Smart at Texas. “Associate Head Coach” is the official title…

How quickly things change…

Anyway, it’s pretty plain to see the incredible job he did – in just two short years – running the defense for Michigan.

In his own words…

“I think that’s where it starts with me,” Yaklich said this week. “I love defense and I let that show. I’m able to be myself and so that passion I have for defense, I’m able to exhibit that and be myself every day.”

Opportunity seized.

Clearly, he’s one of the rising stars of collegiate coaching.

So, I thought it would make sense to document the rise…

So here it is.

The complete Michigan Defensive Playbook – Luke Yaklich-style!

Make no mistake, there’s a lesson to be learned here…

Coach Yaklich rode a single focused passion to the top of the game.

And we’ve put together 80+ pages of his finest work (yes, we scouted both Michigan seasons) into one playbook for you.

This is something you’re going to want to study front to back, trust me on this.

Anyway, here you go!

CLICK HERE to get your copy instantly.

See you courtside,




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