Marshall Thundering Herd Chaos’ Offense Playbook



Unless you’ve been blinded by the Loyola run, you likely caught the Marshall Thundering Herd breaking a 30 year NCAA drought…using –shall we say –slightly less talent than many other teams.

NOTE: The Marshall Thundering Herd playbook described below has serious “real world” applications for you.

Here’s why: We’ve all been in this position.

You’re playing a team that is clearly faster and more talented.

You’ve got your work cut out for you…

No one wants to see a blowout…

This is a time where you need to go off-script…because the usual script will get you crushed!

Dan D’Antoni found himself in EXACTLY this position when he took over at Marshall.

But…By removing the post, clearing out the lane and focusing on high percentage shots only, he has successfully neutralized the talent difference on the court.

Now you can do the same…Of course, Marshall’s improbable run didn’t happen overnight…it took YEARS to bring about.

Dan took his NBA experience(with brother Mike), and in a just a few short years, marched the Marshall Thundering Herd back to the NCAA tournament riding what some coaches call a “Chaos Offense”.

And guess what…It works!

This week’s feature playbook lets you start doing the same thing.

Here you have 78 pages designed to prevent you from getting embarrassed on the court by more dominant teams.

Sound like something you need in your toolbox?

I thought so…

See you courtside,


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